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Dave Fry Jan 17 MediaShout 5 / Recent Issues, Fixes and Workarounds

In some situations, the installer for MediaShout 5 fails to install a critical license manager file. If this is the case, when you launch MediaShout, you will get an '... Error -65'. Fortunately, the fix is easy!

  1. Right-click on the MediaShout 5 icon on your desktop and select Open file location.
  2. Locate Service Installer.exe and double-click to run that, then step through the installation.
  3. When Service Installer is finished, reboot the computer and test MediaShout 5 again. It should be working correctly.

Once this is done, v5 will work correctly (and v4 will as well, if both are installed).

If this doesn't resolve the issue, please see this article for the resolution of another similar issue.

Aaron West, CTS October 24, 2013 19 MediaShout Mac / Mac Topics

UPDATE: We have now successfully tested MediaShout for Mac with the Mavericks update and have about 95% success on the tested systems.  However, there are a few things you will need to do to make MediaShout work.  Please follow the instructions below to make sure you are setup correctly.  If you have any additional issues, please contact our support team.

NOTE: We have seen some issues with PowerPoint and Keynote in Mavericks that doesn't allow for playing in MediaShout.  The best resolution for those situations is to have the presentation open up separately and have it displayed on your other screen.  Then open MediaShout so that it is on top of your PowerPoint/Keynote on the second screen.  Using the Command+1 key combination will turn off the MediaShout screen and allow you to advance your presentation on the second screen.  When you reach the end of your presentation, simply click on MediaShout to bring focus back and hit Command+1 to bring MediaShout back on the second screen.

1) Open up your Apple->System Preferences->Mission Control and uncheck "Displays have separate spaces."  This will allow MediaShout to show the output on the second screen. Please note, you will need to log out and log back in for this change to take effect.

2) If you are using a USB to DVI adapter for video playback, please update your drivers from DisplayLink to the latest version.  These drivers are updated to work with Mavericks.

There may be some additional (although rare) issues that you may come across, so if you have any questions, please contact us.

John Phillips July 17, 2013 Support Announcements / Announcements

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John Phillips May 13, 2013 MediaShout Mac / New Builds & Downloads

MediaShout for Mac v1.1.5256  has been released as an update for all Mac users. To install this update on a MediaShout computer with Internet connection, open MediaShout and use the Check For Updates feature.

If your computer is not connected to the internet and you are unable to use the Check for Updates feature, you can download b5256 using the following link:

John Phillips February 12, 2013 Support Announcements / New Builds & Downloads

MediaShout Version 4.5, build 294

This is a minor update to b290 that fixes a few issues with MediaShout Remote and Stage Display.

Fixes Include:

  • Stage Display not always updating on MediaShout Remote
  • Loss of Stage text when Countdown Clock or Keyed Text is used.
  • Entire Script not loading in IOS App when Line Breaks are used.
  • MediaShout crashes when switching from Spanish to English UI.
  • Remotes Dialog missing from Spanish UI.

Download Build 294

Please save the file when downloading.


We have had several users report installation & C++ errors when updating to recent builds without completing all recommended Windows Updates. Please make sure your recommended Windows Updates have all been installed. If you do run into issues after installing, please refer to this article for instruction on repairing your installation.

After updating an old build of MediaShout you may experience an error that indicates a file is missing. We've only seen this occur when the previously installed build was very old ( older than b186). Please see this article for instructions on fixing this issue.