Using Media Shout and Zoom

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May 18 (10 months ago)
Duffy Robbins wrote
Is anybody out there using Media Shout with Zoom? And if so, I have a problem and I need your help.

I've found a way to configure MS so that I can simultaneously (between mytwo monitors) see both Zoom (my Zoom dashboard, my meeting participants/youth group/class, etc) AND my MS script. But, here's my problem:
When I set it up (again, using two monitors) I'm only able to configure it so for me to see Zoom and MS, my group ALSO sees MY MS script. That's not good!!

I want them to see the "audience" view and I want ONLY ME to see the "presenter" view. Surely there must be a way. I would be eternally grateful!
3 Answers
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May 18 (10 months ago)
Brandon Hadley agent wrote
Hi Duffy, this is Brandon here at MediaShout. I spoke with you before sending you over to Adam. I just tested Zoom and I was able to do what you were needing successfully IF I'm understanding you correctly. There is a share button in zoom. When you click that, you then get to choose which screen you want to share with you audience. Click the once that just shows the words and you're ready to go.
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May 26 (10 months ago)
Lisa Green wrote
Hi Duffy,

You need to run Zoom and the MS Presenter screen on the same monitor (Screen 1), then have the Presentation shown on your second monitor (Screen 2). Then in Zoom you can share your presentation window or the second monitor (Screen 2) with your presentation on it.

I don't have Zoom on this computer, so I used Google Meet to demonstrate. The right screen with the two lines of text is my presentation on my second screen that I am sharing in Meet. The left screen has MS (in presenter mode) and Google Meet running.
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May 27 (10 months ago)
MediaShout Support agent wrote
Lisa- amazing response, this is right on!