Mediashout 7 updates are horrible

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Dec 18 (3 months ago)
Susan Bush Taylor wrote
The updates to this program are making it less and less user friendly. Plus there seems to be more and more glitches now. Sometimes programmers think users want all the bells and whistles, when all we really want is a simple to use program. I've found this to be true with other companies programs too. "If it not broke don't fix it." Maybe you have one or two customers that wants something different. But it should be what the majority wants, I think that is a simple to use program. Luckily I have not installed these horrible updates on all the church computers. I wish it was possible to take them off this computer.
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Dec 18 (3 months ago)
Ryan Zeeck agent wrote
Hey Susan,

I appreciate your input. One of the struggles when creating software is the choice of making it easy to learn OR quick and easy to use.

We want to make MediaShout easy for new people to learn, which in turn can make things different from previous versions and thus more difficult for prior customer's to learn the new program. It is a tough give and take.

Of course, our goal is to try and make the program as easy and quick to use for everyone, but there will always be some people left out.

We will continue to release updates to MediaShout 7 with the goal of making the program better. I hope that you will keep an eye out for those updates and give us another shot once they are available!

In the meantime, I am happy to spend some time with you on the phone to help you through any frustrations/issues that you're having with MediaShout. Please email me directly at and we can setup a time to get together and go over some things.

Thanks and God Bless,