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Media library sorting and filtering

I have hundreds of background videos and images. I've set up the video, audio, and image library. I wish I could use it, but with so many images and videos, unless I'm missing something, I can't. Scrolling with a miniscule scroll bar, just doesn't work well. Maybe have a modal, like the lyrics, so you have more than 2 wide. Please put in a request to be able to do a full search/filter, (starts with, ends with, contains, type:png,jpg,gif, etc) and sorting (name, date, file type, and ascendi...

Wrap text with bible weirdness

Glad to see we can wrap text with bible verses and choose verses. However, that has lead me to some very weird results. I'm not sure if I'm doing it wrong. I select the verses I want, and then insert into the cue. It defaults to one verse per page. So in the queue, I switch to the wrap text, and format the font etc. However, all my pages now only show Psalms 139:1, 1a, 1b, 1c... etc. And there is no where in the text that says "1...2....18....19" I'd almost rather split the queues, however that ...
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How to handle Liturgy now that Liturgy manager is gone

So I have read in another thread, that the Liturgy manager was removed because not many churches use it apparently. I can say that we have not in the past, but we have a new team taking on the creation and management of our service queues and we want to work in the most efficient way. I was aware of the Liturgy Manger in the past version so I started by looking for that. Since it is gone, I thought that using just the Cue library is the way we would need to go. The problem I have with this is th...

How can we get into sub-directories?

We like to compartmentalize the videos, sermon slides and such. The settings menu doesn't seem to allow any depth of access: I need to have the stuff I'm looking for in the default folder, or change it to get to them. Can you add code to allow this? With thousands (literally) of songs, you can bet we have a LOT of places to look for the backgrounds and such. Hey there, I'm not sure I fully understand what it is that you're looking for. Are you wanting to be able to add Folders and Sub-folders t...

Splitting verses in the Lyrics Library

Does v7 have the means to create the page splits in the verses while in the lyrics library? Basically making a Verse 1a, 1b, etc.... In version 6, it used to be hitting Ctrl+Enter to create the page line in the verse. Knowing that you had the capability in prior version and not the newer, please don't tell me it wasn't a popular need. That would tell me that you surveyed a bunch of users that don't really use it much for services or live stream purposes. The true users seem to be complaining of ...

stage template setting?

Finally got a good template setup and saved. Then I added a second song. On the second song, I got it setup, sync to the stage. then on the stage page, apply my template. The Data objects didn't get turned on, the colors are missing, and the positions don't seem to carry across. When saving a template, what gets saved? It would be awesome, if we could select what items on the template we want to be carried over, etc (kinda like presets). I also noticed (pic 1 and pic 2) that the font and p...

Mirror main per cue?

I see the mirror main switch under the Viewers; however, in our workflow, we often have videos, etc, that the speaker would watch, without turning around to the projectors. For those cues we need to mirror main but not others. Is there a way to mirror main per cue? In v7 we can't currently mirror individual cues to the Stage, but if you have a video cue, if you sync it to the Stage, it will show there.

Background stretch to fill

A couple things, it would be really great if I could set where it stretches to fill from. Some backgrounds would work better stretch to fill from one corner or another, vs the middle: Something like does when you increase canvas size. Also being able to default the fill type would be very helpful. My main viewers are projectors that run in 1920x1200 wuxga. Most backgrounds I purchase are 1080p, so I'm always having to change the background stretch to fill when I add a background....

Text box unused space

I have noticed that when entering a text box that the text will fill in very close to the sides of the box located on the left and the right sides, however it seems to leave a large amount of unused space in the top and bottom sides of the text box. If I try to make the text larger, it simply leaves the unused portion on the top and bottom of the text box and forces a new page with a small portion of the text. Please see attached photo. How can I make the text fill in close to the top and the bo...

V7 Skipping a Verse

In version 6 we often made a decision to skip a verse or chorus (grey out but don't change the song). Is this available in V7? I cannot find it anywhere. Thanks. Rolf It is planned for an upcoming update to v7 but is not available yet. Any update when this will be available? Hey Mike, We don't have an ETA for this feature, I apologize. I do know that the team is working on this, however. We hope to have it ready for the next update. God Bless! -Ryan

Templates and Presets removes pages breaks

Templates are new in MS Presets have been around a while. Now in v7.3, using either templates or Presets removes pages brakes and converts song lyrics laid out on 32 slides to 8 slides of jumbled mess. I have Allow Splitting selected. am I missing something?

create a simple straight line

Is there a way to create a simple straight line for placement anywhere on a slide cue? There isn't currently a way to create graphics in MediaShout. The best way I figured to work around that is to create a graphic in Paint and take a snapshot of it with the snipping tool. It's tricky because you need to capture ONLY the line, not the background.

import v6 from ssc export has weird characters

I've just imported all our songs from our v6 into v7, and I'm seeing weird characters. I'm guessing it's a parsing error with the page breaks, because none of our page breaks are showing up. I delete the characters and put a manual break in the page, but I don't want to have to do this for every single song we have formatted. (We already have to reformat everything from v6). Anyway to fix this? or should I write my own json parser on the song files to bulk update? Thanks Hey, again Mike. ...

Audio in a cue.

I wanted to make a Communion cue so I can save it in the cue library. Here are the pages I stacked in a single cue. Page 1 - Jpg of bread and wine. Page 2 - Song video (to play and watch as we pass out elements of Communion) Page 3 - Jpg of bread and wine (same one as above) Page 4 - Scripture from Matt 26. (since you cannot add scripture to pages in a cue, I exported the scripture as jpg's and inserted, which worked) Page 5 - Jpg of bread and wine (same as above) The problem is when I fired pag...

Shadow/outline of text

I'm a long time use of MS6, and just downloaded the MS7 Demo to try out again (I tried the initial release, but it lacked the features I needed). I've imported my lyrics, opened some MS6 scripts, and looks okay. Very fast on the transitions (THANK YOU!!!!!!). However, one thing I noticed when opening a previous song is there is no longer the text outline. I'm having issues with the FX modal. If i use text outline, it just encroaches on the actual text and looks bad, no matter what pixel siz...


Hi, Can you get an NDI output from mediashout? I want to use vmix and ndi rather than desktop capture. Is this possible? THankk You PAul Hey Paul, Great question! The answer is yes! NDI should work totally fine with MediaShout. In fact, we have an entire article on syncing the two together. If you go to, you'll find the steps there! Let me know if you have any other questions! God bless :) Thnaks Ben for the reply. I had read the article, but I think I right in saying th...

Media Shout 7 won't save

I've had several occasions where MS7 would not save the script. After rebooting the computer the save feature will work again. Anyone else having this issue and any idea what could cause it. I've attached a screen shot with the error message. It just did it again. After rebooting I was saving the script after every change that I made. When it wouldn't save I thought I would try to save it as a different named file. It saved the script under the new name, but there were not any backgrounds saved...

Page break broken?

Is the page break in the editor broken? If i do an ctrl-enter (or right click and chose page break) in a text, then I get a new page but the text after the cursor does not get transferred to the new page. Instead I get a blank page with the text "Type text here". I have also notices that the ctrl-x doesn’t work either in the editor. I´m running Mediashout I'm sorry that is happening! We've found that, if NDI Scan Converter is running, the page break function will not perform correctl...

Mediashout 7 updates are horrible

The updates to this program are making it less and less user friendly. Plus there seems to be more and more glitches now. Sometimes programmers think users want all the bells and whistles, when all we really want is a simple to use program. I've found this to be true with other companies programs too. "If it not broke don't fix it." Maybe you have one or two customers that wants something different. But it should be what the majority wants, I think that is a simple to use program. Luckily I have...

Version 7.3.0 Update Automatic Advance Page

We update to version and we're having problems finding the Automatic Advance Page option that was in the Script Control Plugin. Hey James! Thanks for reaching out! I believe they wanted to make this easier to access so the advance time feature is indicated by a "clock icon" on the top right of every cue when you however over it. If you need further help let me know, but that should take care of it! -Ben Wagner So I was just looking to use this feature and found in the Tips and Tric...