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Program not nearly ready for release.

I've been with Mediashout for a really long time so when they released version 7 I updated. What a momentous mistake. As an accountant for over 50 years I helped others start new businesses. Other than location, I always warned them the obvious pitfalls to avoid. 1. Location, location, location 2. Don't take out too much money when cash rolls in 3. Never release a new product without thorough testing. Mediashout missed the last one really really bad. Version 7 needs at least 6 more months of Bet...

MS7 Performance Issues

MS7 runs very slow. I just totally rebuilt my machine starting with a reinstall of WIndows 10, and clean install of MS7. After doing that, I found that MS7 ran a good bit faster. After importing my Cue Library, it now runs considerably slower. Launch MS7: 46 seconds Open a script (after MS7 is launched): 1 min 4 seconds Switch to Presenter mode: 15 seconds Save a cue: 1 min 24 seconds I have 64 cues in my cue library, most with video (motion) backgrounds. The total CuesLibrary file size is...

MS7 Lyric Woes

Why did I purchase an upgrade to a software that has only 50% completed features? Running scripts that heavily feature the use of detailed Lyric cues is our bread and butter. It’s the main reason we have the program - it’s literally how we accepted the sales pitch to buy the program - to run our services with an intricate stage display for musicians and pastors alike. And now the single most useful tool of lyric cues, the key items for seeing current page header info and for previewing the next...

Can you use an audio file for a key opbject?

I would like to create a cue for announcements where an audio file can be played while all the pages within a cue are looping. I would like the song to loop as well. Is this possible? You can do this using a "background" MP3 file. Or, just drag and drop the MP3 to your Announcement cue. It will play throughout the loop and start over again as long as the announcement loop is running. Thanks that is the exact solution I was looking for. Thanks for chiming in on this, Stu. Right on!

Announcement loops in 7

How do you automatically loop announcements or automatically advance pages in cues? Only version 6 shows up in any search results. I'm waiting for this feature as well. I'm told "very soon". We need it prior to loading v7 on the church machine. Stu Currently this feature is not ready in v7, but, As Stu Jackson says, it is coming in days or weeks rather than months. Keep an eye on the Change Log for updates! Will be looking forward to that. While we appreciate being offered a free upgrade to v...

Stage Display/Next Cue Lyrics

In MS6, there was an option to add the first line of the Next Cue on the Stage Display. I have been unable to find this option in MS7. Will this functionality be included in a future build? My users have gotten used to seeing the next line up, (in case the person running the presentation is too slow to switch fast enough.) I would be happy to help you. Unfortunately the element we used for that called "tokens" is not available in V7 just yet. We are working on it to be added VERY soon hopeful...

Enable Auto-Scrolling

In MS6, there was a cool feature that auto-scrolled the presentation and kept the fired page in the center of the MS window. Having the page centered made it nice for the operator to easily see a past, present, and up coming pages without having to scroll with MS. Let literally just had to hit the space bar. I was not able to find any form of / reference to this functionality and wondered if this feature was available in MS7? Nick, Not at this time. I will mention it to the team, again though. ...

Cue Library - Ability to Create Cue Types

Hey Guys, I'm moving toward MS7 from MS6 and the journey has been going well. Hitting a few bumps along the way that your Support Team is able to resolve quickly. Thanks! Within the Cue Library of MS7, it looks like cues are automatically assigned to a type ie, All, General, Lyric, and Bible. Is there a plan to be able to allow the user to create their own specific que types? This would provide for less clutter when pulling in cues. For Worship, we have a few dozen "current songs" and about ...

Importing Powerpoint scaling issues.

Anyone else having issues importing PowerPoints. Everytime we import one we have to rescale the whole thing slide by slide.

Missing Features from V6?????

Is there any way to have Lyrics copy right info show up as a title slide only like it did in version 6? Or just add a title slide to each lyric? Also my Song Select, which had stanzas in the right order did not import from verison 6. Any way to accomplish this? Hi Steve, My copyright info is there when I add a lyric, but it is hidden. I need to go to the lyres tab and un-hide it. When you add a lyric, there is a "switch" to enable the copyright on all pages. I haven't found an easy way to do ...

Sermon Builder Default Settings

Is there a way to change the default settings of the Sermon Builder Tool? Specifically, I'd like to change the main resolution in the sermon builder tool, so I don't have to go slide-by-slide to make the Title, Scriptures, and Main Points "fit" into the display after my sermon is created. Hey Mark, Thanks for the question! At the moment it appears that the Sermon builder defaults to a 1280x720 resolution. However, this can be changed after the sermon builder has been created. All you'll need...

Powerpoint Import Questions

We have to import Hymns from Powerpoint (Methodist Church Hymnal) and as we bring the images in, they all need to be rescaled. Is there a setting were not doing to keep from having to do this? Weve also seen weird things happen when the images are brought in, some will magically copy themselves into another cue. Anyone else seeing this? I would be happy to help you every way possible. We haven't seen anything like the images becoming part of another cue. I'd be interested to see a copy of ...

Options for Main Theme Change

I guess I am unique in this, but I really really don't like the black theme in the control screen... Is there a setting to select a different theme, or is this coming? The ability to change from Dark theme to Light theme is a user setting that will be available at a later date but is not currently a priority for development. This may not be a priority for development, but as a user who just purchased this. I find it extremely to edit in my environment. Please know this functionality is in the wo...

I cannot activate MS7 -- help!

I currently use MS6 for church services, and we've recently purchased the upgrade to MS7. I'm testing MS7 at home -- so I downloaded the MS7 installer and ran the program. It opens to a blank, black screen. The activation screen is hidden, because when I cycle through the windows, the activation wizard is there, but I cannot get to it. I've also downloaded the registry clean-up tool and it found no errors... so the black screen continues and I still have not been able to activate. Help!! ...

cue fire time of day

Is firing a cue according to time of day available? For instance, @ 9:30am the countdown starts. If not, will it be available on future builds? Hey Timothy! This is not yet available but should be coming in a future update. I'm not sure if that will be immediately or sometime a bit later. I apologize for that. -Ryan

Lyric 'progression' and 'pagination' and 'editing' in MS7?

ISSUE #1. We been using MS since V4. We are now using V6 and have many hundreds of lyrics in our lyric library. We have them all setup and ordered in the lyric library based on the progression of the song like INTRO, V1, CH, V2, CH, BR, CH, CH. I've imported the lyrics into MS7 and the progression of the song has been lost in the process - leaving just the main parts of the song (V1, V2, CH, BR). I can see where I can rebuild the progression - but that is a whole lot of work. Why isn't t...

import lyrics from v6 to v7

switching from v6 on a laptop to v7 on a tower and needing to import lyrics from the laptop v6 to the tower v7. I would be happy to help you. You can use this article for that: Let us know if you need more help. This link brought me back to this page. I apologize for any confusion. Were you able to access the article with the steps? That does not seem to bring over the images and title that are...

Lost Bible Translations with upgrade

I upgraded from v. 6 to v. 7. I noticed that since upgrading I don't have access to two of the versions we had on v. 6 (notably, the NIV and New Century Version). All I have access to are Public Domain version, which I seldom use. Can these two versions be obtained? Bob Thank you, Bob, I've made some changes to your v7 license that should give you access to all bibles. You will need to go to Help Menu > About and Refresh your license in order to access that change. Thanks, Adam, that d...

AMD vs Intel

Has anyone had any experience using MediaShout 7 on a PC with an AMD Ryzen CPU? I'm planning to build a new PC soon and have been considering getting a Ryzen 3600 or an Intel 9700K. Does MediaShout benefit at all from the increased thread count in the Ryzen, or would the higher clock speed on the Intel be more beneficial? Hi Aaron, Great timing as I just finished up my build last week. I'm using a Asus ROG Strix x470-f gaming motherboard and AMD Ryzen 7 3800X 8-Core Processor, 3900 Mhz, 8 Core(s...

Fade out

V6 had the quick Q I used to fade out anything that was being presented at the time. I'm trying to work something out with V7. I thought changing the background to black on the last slide would work, but it changes everything (at least in the announcements Q) Any thoughts on a work around? Thanks, Stu If I understand you correctly, it sounds like you're wanting to change the last page to a black background. You could, instead, add a blank cue without a background. I second Stu's request. I mis...