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Nine months ago, the Director of MediaShout wrote, "Templates are coming. They will actually be a combination of Presets that save together. And then we will take it one step further and allow you to create Themes (which are a collection of Templates), much like the Sermon Builder does right now when selecting a theme. So a Theme will consist of Templates and a Template will consist of Presets (for a simple explanation)." Nine months later, now in late April 2020, I would like to know: what is...

Incomplete Scriptures in The Passion Translation

Has anyone noticed that The Passion Translation in Media Shout 7 has many incomplete scriptures? I checked the formatting for possible operator errors but found that the scriptures were cut off in the program its self.

How do I save songs to the library preserving all the formatting and backgrounds?

The only thing that seems to be saved is the lyrics. Sorry - not all was included in my question - How do you save all the formatting and backgrounds for a song? Hey Janith! When you edit a lyric and add a Background and things, you would then click the Star Icon on that lyric (on the left side of MediaShout 7) to save that to your Cues Library. Then, next time you need that song, go to the Cues Library (Large Star Icon on the very right side of MediaShout 7) to find that song and insert it. ...

Text Cue in 7.3

I see the reference to "Text Cues" in the release notes, however I have no Text Cue option like in previous versions 3, 4, 5, and 6. I only have "Text Boxes" which are not Text Cues. Am I missing something? I've added an illustration, but the "Insert Text Cue" tool is the 4th icon to the right, next to the Insert Bible Cue tool. Thank you! I was looking in the "Insert" dropdown and did not notice the icon right below it. Should it be there as well? Good point! I'll let the developers know i...

Web Que

In version 6 there was a way to add a web page to a Que how do you do that in 7? Hi Roger, this is a feature that is coming hopefully in the near future. May I ask what types of web pages did you find it useful to use inside of MediaShout? This will help our development team. Videos from You tube mostly. OK got it. Yes, we highly recommend against it. If you were caught, there might be some hefty lawsuits. You may reach out to the author of the video. Sometimes they will send you the video...

Enable Auto-Scrolling

In MS6, there was a cool feature that auto-scrolled the presentation and kept the fired page in the center of the MS window. Having the page centered made it nice for the operator to easily see a past, present, and up coming pages without having to scroll with MS. Let literally just had to hit the space bar. I was not able to find any form of / reference to this functionality and wondered if this feature was available in MS7? Nick, Not at this time. I will mention it to the team, again though. ...


Hi, Can you get an NDI output from mediashout? I want to use vmix and ndi rather than desktop capture. Is this possible? THankk You PAul Hey Paul, Great question! The answer is yes! NDI should work totally fine with MediaShout. In fact, we have an entire article on syncing the two together. If you go to, you'll find the steps there! Let me know if you have any other questions! God bless :) Thnaks Ben for the reply. I had read the article, but I think I right in saying th...

Stage Display/Next Cue Lyrics

In MS6, there was an option to add the first line of the Next Cue on the Stage Display. I have been unable to find this option in MS7. Will this functionality be included in a future build? My users have gotten used to seeing the next line up, (in case the person running the presentation is too slow to switch fast enough.) I would be happy to help you. Unfortunately the element we used for that called "tokens" is not available in V7 just yet. We are working on it to be added VERY soon hopeful...

Set a Video object or background to Loop

I am coming from MS6 and I cannot find a way to loop my motion backgrounds/videos in MS7. Please Help!! Hi Hardyumc, I am no expert, but have been playing with V7 for a while. I found the best way is to drag it over to the script. It should continue through the entire Q. Or go to the background layer and pick your video. Hope this helps? Stu Hey there, Yes, Stu is correct. Put the video in as the background and it will auto-loop. Also, double check to make sure you are on 7.2 (Help > About)...

Splitting verses in the Lyrics Library

Does v7 have the means to create the page splits in the verses while in the lyrics library? Basically making a Verse 1a, 1b, etc.... In version 6, it used to be hitting Ctrl+Enter to create the page line in the verse. Knowing that you had the capability in prior version and not the newer, please don't tell me it wasn't a popular need. That would tell me that you surveyed a bunch of users that don't really use it much for services or live stream purposes. The true users seem to be complaining of ...

Page break broken?

Is the page break in the editor broken? If i do an ctrl-enter (or right click and chose page break) in a text, then I get a new page but the text after the cursor does not get transferred to the new page. Instead I get a blank page with the text "Type text here". I have also notices that the ctrl-x doesn’t work either in the editor. I´m running Mediashout

Text Box

We have started livestreaming our worship services and frequently use the picture in picture feature of our ATEM mini to place the speaker in the lower right corner of the stream feed over the top of the MediaShout cue. Unfortunately, text boxes are just that, a box so we either have to create a text box that is narrow on the left side of the cue or one that just uses the upper portion of the cue. Is there a way to create a text box with a cut-out in the lower right corner to avoid having to w...

.ttf fonts

Mediashout does not pull up my TrueType font file (.ttf) the font name is Across the Road. Please help

Can we have the "Stop all" button relinquish control of the main display instead of the black overlay?

In our workflow, there will always be a situation when a guest speaker or some activity leader wants to either a:show their own powerpoint file, b:display a web page, c: any kind of misc stuff on the desktop computer. We cannot rely on importing everything into mediashout 7 as images. In previous versions it was possible to minimize the program and it will free up the main display to show other stuff. Now the black screen will not go away and remains on top of everthing, so in MS7 we would have ...

Sermon Builder Default Settings

Is there a way to change the default settings of the Sermon Builder Tool? Specifically, I'd like to change the main resolution in the sermon builder tool, so I don't have to go slide-by-slide to make the Title, Scriptures, and Main Points "fit" into the display after my sermon is created. Hey Mark, Thanks for the question! At the moment it appears that the Sermon builder defaults to a 1280x720 resolution. However, this can be changed after the sermon builder has been created. All you'll need...

List of Planned updates

I understand that you can't commit to any schedule or even priority of updates, but it would be really helpful if there were some list available of what's being worked on.. in any order without any time commitment. I would be useful even with the caveat that whatever functionality is described may be slightly different than the actual implementation.. just a general description of coming functionality. Hey Don! Thanks for reaching out. If you go to at the bottom o...

Using iPad as a controller

Just 'upgraded' to 7 running and not finding a way to control the scripts using my phone or iPad. I did not realize this was not a finished product until I started looking in the forum for a solution. So I'm assuming this feature is not yet available? Will it become a feature in the future? I would be happy to help you. I apologize for any confusion. Honestly it will never be totally "finished" as we're going to be continually adding features for the lifespan of the entire product,...

Can you please bring back the option to add a live feed as a background in MS 7????

Can you please bring back the option to add a live feed as a background in MS 7???? Hey Nolan! Thanks for your input! This is something that is already on the list, but I will let the team know again to be sure. God Bless! -Ryan Hey Nolan, One thing I just thought of and wanted to make sure you were aware, is the article that we have. This article shows you how to use MediaShout and OBS (or another streaming application) to stream online. I hope this is helpful! -...

Fade 2 Black

Has anyone been able to create a work-around for a fade to black cue or key. V.6 had a lot of control over how cues and/or pages transitioned, both in and out, depending on what you were trying to accomplish. I have tried various attempts to recreate that type of functionality on fading a page or cue (including audio, not just video) to a black screen without much success - it appears that V.7 only allows for fade out, but not fade in. Any suggestions are welcome Hey Esther! I was able to ap...

Live Video Feed as background

How can i insert a live video feed as a background in MS 7? Been using this with our streaming setup in past versions....we just upgraded to 7 and i don't see it as an option???? Hey Nolan! Thanks for your input! This is something that is already on the list, but I will let the team know again to be sure. God Bless! -Ryan