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Announcement loops in 7

How do you automatically loop announcements or automatically advance pages in cues? Only version 6 shows up in any search results. I'm waiting for this feature as well. I'm told "very soon". We need it prior to loading v7 on the church machine. Stu Currently this feature is not ready in v7, but, As Stu Jackson says, it is coming in days or weeks rather than months. Keep an eye on the Change Log for updates! Will be looking forward to that. While we appreciate being offered a free upgrade to v...

Web Que

In version 6 there was a way to add a web page to a Que how do you do that in 7? Hi Roger, this is a feature that is coming hopefully in the near future. May I ask what types of web pages did you find it useful to use inside of MediaShout? This will help our development team. Videos from You tube mostly. OK got it. Yes, we highly recommend against it. If you were caught, there might be some hefty lawsuits. You may reach out to the author of the video. Sometimes they will send you the video...

Missing functionality

To start off, I do like where this product is going. I like the overall look and feel. I have seen some hiccups with "Waiting for program to respond" when I tried switching from main to stage, but those may just be my computer. However, here are the issues I have so far. I'm sure some of them will be addressed in an upcoming update, at least I hope so. They are the blockers preventing me from upgrading today: 1. On the insert bible, I can't seem to find how to format it so that i can have multip...

Native PPT player

I was very excited about v7 when I saw that you could decide for each cue whether the stage should mirror the main, but after upgrading I found a number of showstopping issues, most pressing of which is the lack of native PPT playback. The workflow of developing the sermons in PPT and playing them back during the service in exactly the same form as they were authored is extremely important for us. Neither of the import options gives us the ability to properly keep our transitions. Please put thi...

Power Point

Can we still import a power point presentation into version 7? I am asked to show a slide show for weddings and funerals that the person has given me a flash drive. I like to be able to that that to my script with out switching from power point to media shout. I have loaded several PowerPoint presentations both .ppt and .pptx with no real success. If you load them as images, they work fine but with zero animation if you had any in that presentation. If you load them as a presentation, it total...

Options for Main Theme Change

I guess I am unique in this, but I really really don't like the black theme in the control screen... Is there a setting to select a different theme, or is this coming? The ability to change from Dark theme to Light theme is a user setting that will be available at a later date but is not currently a priority for development. This may not be a priority for development, but as a user who just purchased this. I find it extremely to edit in my environment. Please know this functionality is in the wo...

Can we have the "Stop all" button relinquish control of the main display instead of the black overlay?

In our workflow, there will always be a situation when a guest speaker or some activity leader wants to either a:show their own powerpoint file, b:display a web page, c: any kind of misc stuff on the desktop computer. We cannot rely on importing everything into mediashout 7 as images. In previous versions it was possible to minimize the program and it will free up the main display to show other stuff. Now the black screen will not go away and remains on top of everthing, so in MS7 we would have ...

New load

Hello. So great to see many of the requested options added to this new release! Thanks so much for the speedy response. One observation during the first pass: If the script time is shorter than the que total time (transition delay times), it will close down. Not a big issue as it should be longer anyway, but just an FYI. Playing with different transitions without the issues I had before. Still waiting for embedded MP3 files to finish my announcements. Looking great! Still playing, will provide f...

Are Video Playback Controls Still A Thing?

On MS6, I recall there being a Play and Stop button as well as the ability to scrub though a video on the active cue. I'm not seeing that on MS7. Was that feature removed? Hey Wes! Yes, you are absolutely correct! That will be coming into MediaShout 7 very shortly! The Feature wasn't really removed, it just hasn't been built 100% yet. Remember, we built MediaShout 7 from the ground up. We didn't use any of the previous MediaShout 6 code/features and bring them over into MediaShout 7. Everythi...

How do I find and apply updates to the V7 program?

I've looked through all the menu items, particularly the help menu on V7. Is there an update button? Does the system automatically check for updates? I downloaded 7.0.5 to start a trial, and the change log shows 7.0.8 already. I, like another user has already asked, want to be able to use audio files in my cues, so we cannot consider upgrading until that feature is available. Understandable. Much of the functionality will be coming soon, so keep an eye on the change log (

Add Bibles

As an MS6 user, I upgraded and added MS7 today. Thought I'd go ahead and start getting accustomed to it. I followed the instructions on adding more Bibles, I clicked the link and downloaded the bibles.sqlite sucessefully. The instructions say "Once that file is downloaded, find it where you saved it (possibly your Downloads folder) then copy and paste it into the following location: C:\Users\Public\My Shout\MS7\Bibles" Usi...

Importing MS6 scripts & Lyric formatting?

Is there any way to use MS6 scripts? Is there any way to import songs with not just the words, but with the formatting (esp. backgrounds & text placement & sizing)? If not, can we expect these features? If so, how soon can we expect them? I tried out nearly every feature with the free trial, but never thought to try these two. Given how MS has done previous releases, It never occurred to me they wouldn't just work. I see "importing MS6 scripts" is on the "coming soon" list. Wish I had pa...

Upgrades needed

Hello guys. I just wanted to put this out there. running V7 now which seems MUCH more stable with few exceptions. To be comparable with our V6. I am looking for: 1) A way to add audio files to the script with the versatility of V6. 2) Loop controls for announcement scripts. 3) Tokens for adding the next stanza, first line. I hope maybe others have asked for similar add on's,, and it might be something we see in the near future. Thanks. Hey Stu! We're currently working on these features as w...

Base Model?

I downloaded a trial version of MS7 and noticed a lot of things missing from MS6, which I'm very familiar with. So after reading some of the other forum comments about MS7 (and there aren't that many) am I to understand you released the most simple base model just to get it going and will add all the great features later? Pastor Tim, When we released MediaShout 7 on 6/4/19, we felt like it was about 90-95% ready for release. There are a few things that are missing, but the program itself is ext...

Adding Verses after Import

Is there an easy way to change the verse order of a song once it is already loaded into the script, or to add / repeat verses? I was trying out the trial version and could not find it easily. Also is there any way to make the presenter view show an image of the slide, the name and the first bit of text like in MS5? I was able to drag and drop within the cue. Right click let me copy/paste. Were you able to add new verses from the database. Say the band decided to sing a verse they were not plan...

Export Script/Cue to PDF does nothing

When I try to export a cue or script to PDF, nothing happens. No file is created. It works if I export to images, but not to PDF Hey Jeremiah, Thanks for your submission. I did a quick test with this and it worked perfectly on my system. What all did you have within this script? And, where did you export it to? Can you try to open a blank script and just add a lyric or Scripture or something decently simple to see if that exports properly? Please let me know your results. Thanks, -Ryan


When creating a new folder in the lyrics, how do i copy songs to it. It always goes to the folder "All"? Hey Shaun, You should be able to drag and drop the song from your All Folder into your newly created Folder. Let me know if you have trouble with that. Thanks, -Ryan Unable to do it...even when i open yhe folder Hey Shaun! I think we were able to Chat about this issue and you were able to see how this is done. Here is the video that I sent you to show you how I was able to do this (for...

Transitions for Objects and Pages only work when clicking on Step Forward/Back arrow keys

The transition effects only work when I click the left and right arrows at the bottom right of the screen, but if I click on the play buttons in the cue list or double click on the slide in presenter view, the transition is always instant. Hey there! I'm sorry about the trouble with this. We have had that issue reported and are working on fixing it asap. Thanks for taking the time to do this.