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Three services - One long script or separate Scripts

We do three services on Sunday mornings, two traditional, one contemporary. In MS 5 we had one long script for the entire morning. Is anyone facing this and just doing separate scripts for each service and message? My thought is Traditional scripts, contemporary scripts, message, announcement loops as separate scripts. Thoughts? We did the same thing. In MS5, we used one script for both of our services because it would reference the media files on the filesystem. It appears that MS7 now en...


I guess this is more of a whine than a question. I have been trying to adapt to MS7 for a couple of months now. I do like the layout and some of the new functionality, however, this program is missing so much from MS6. Changing Bible versions on the fly, double click to activate a cue (I know it is there in presenter mode) , my whole song library that was years in the making, and stability. Yes, stability. 7 seems to randomly stop working like it is saving changes, but there have been no changes...
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import lyrics from v6 to v7

switching from v6 on a laptop to v7 on a tower and needing to import lyrics from the laptop v6 to the tower v7. I would be happy to help you. You can use this article for that: Let us know if you need more help. This link brought me back to this page. I apologize for any confusion. Were you able to access the article with the steps? That does not seem to bring over the images and title that are...

Progressive slowdown with use

Good afternoon! After several months of use, I notice that while setting up slides Mediashout begins to progressively slowdown and take longer and longer to complete commands. For example, when I first open the program and apply a preset font format to some lyrics it works quickly, the second time it can take up to 10 seconds and the third time can be up to a minute. I checked the Task Manager and noticed at one point MS was using over 4 GB of memory and I was simply setting up slides without an...

Mediashout 7 crashing on startup

I just completed my script for tomorrow, saved it and closed mediashout. now when i re-open mediashout it crashes with the attached error message after about 10 seconds. I’ve rebooted the computer, then uninstalled and reinstalled mediashout. Any suggestions? Thanks Hi Steve, You might try sending the guys a copy of the error log file. Download the application at I have had to change the extension of the actual log file from .log t...

Saving modifications or edits to lyrics.

I imported our entire library of songs from Mediashout 5 to Mediashout 7 (MS7). Most songs have imported without a hitch. However, there are a few that need tweaking. I can tweak them in script when I insert a cue, but that is not great on the fly. MS5 allowed me to edit the lyric file so that every time it is inserted, that changes were already made. Is this functionality not in MS7 yet or have I not been able to find it. I would like to modify the lyric file so that every time I insert it into...

Is Bible Verse "on-the-fly" change available in MS7?

When I preach and teach, I have truly loved and appreciated the option of being able to display additional Scripture References that were not part of the prepared presentation in MediaShout. It is a great time saver. In MS6, we were able to edit the Bible Reference within the Cue just by typing the new reference in a space at the top bar of the screen. This made switching to a totally different verse (different book, chapter, etc.) on-the-fly very fast. The Media Crew at our church have been abl...

Auto advance cue after video complete

Hi - in previous versions of MediaShout, there was an option to advance to the next (or any cue you chose) at the end of BG. Essentially, what that did was to advance from one cue to the next after a video finished on one slide. Our application is this: we have 8 videos that we want to play one after the other for a musical we're doing. I can't seem to figure how to advance those automatically without entering the exact min:sec into the scenario plug-in. Has anyone found a way to advance to ...

Save as exsisting

Hello guys. I'm trying to do a "save as" to my thumb drive for transport to the Church. The file will replace the existing one on the thumb drive. I get the message "File exists, do you want to replace it? Answer "yes" and that's it. MS7 will not do a "save as" as an existing file. Renaming the file works ok. Thanks.

Options for Main Theme Change

I guess I am unique in this, but I really really don't like the black theme in the control screen... Is there a setting to select a different theme, or is this coming? The ability to change from Dark theme to Light theme is a user setting that will be available at a later date but is not currently a priority for development. This may not be a priority for development, but as a user who just purchased this. I find it extremely to edit in my environment. Please know this functionality is in the wo...


So, I have 5 Qs within my script. Turning on the countdown key for any one of these enables the countdown on all the Qs. I would of thought it would only apply to the one? What am I missing? Thanks, Stu Key objects are persistent until you turn off their visibility on a given cue or remove them. This is meant so the information provided on a Key Object is available until removed. Hi Adam. If I turn off the visibility on a given Q, it should turn off visibility on all Qs? This is how it's workin...

Font Size conversion

I am trying to duplicate the font size settings from my templates in v6 to v7. The sizes in v7 are pt, but v6 seem to be something else. Is there a "conversion" chart I can use or will I have to do it by trial and error? They should be close to the same but may appear different if the resolution settings are different in v7 than they were in v6. It will be trial and error to adjust to taste.

Adding an Audio File to an image cue in MediaShout 7

In previous versions of MediaShout you could add an audio file to an image cue. I can't seem to find out how to do that in MediaShout 7. Is this not a feature? The latest release allows for adding audio files. Drag and drop. Hey Jim, Yes, please make sure you are on version 7.2.2 (Help > About). If you are, you should be able to drag and drop the audio file. Or, you can go into the Background Settings to add it that way (then, it will play across the entire cue with multiple pages). http...

Repeating Chorus/Refrains in Song Library

Can anyone tell me the best method to order lyrics in the song library to reflect refrains or choruses that repeat between verses? Do I need to create/duplicate that chorus page and insert say 6 identical choruses to follow 6 different verses? For now I am copy/pasting choruses and refrains when I insert the song lyrics in the script (assuming I notice that is needed....otherwise the person presenting has to jump around and pay more attention than he/she typically does! :-) ). Thanks f...

Saving a cue to the Cue Library takes a very long time.

I’m noticing that as I build out my library of prebuilt cues that it is beginning to take a very long time to save a cue to the new Cues Library. This goes for both new cues and updates to existing cues. I expect it to take longer if the cue has a video, 25+ slides, but it’s to the point where I’m clicking the star then going to find something to do before coming back to the PC. I don’t have the newest machine, but it only runs our display so resources are plentiful. So I’m curious to see if ...

Set a Video object or background to Loop

I am coming from MS6 and I cannot find a way to loop my motion backgrounds/videos in MS7. Please Help!!

How do I find and apply updates to the V7 program?

I've looked through all the menu items, particularly the help menu on V7. Is there an update button? Does the system automatically check for updates? I downloaded 7.0.5 to start a trial, and the change log shows 7.0.8 already. I, like another user has already asked, want to be able to use audio files in my cues, so we cannot consider upgrading until that feature is available. Understandable. Much of the functionality will be coming soon, so keep an eye on the change log (

Using iPad as a controller

Just 'upgraded' to 7 running and not finding a way to control the scripts using my phone or iPad. I did not realize this was not a finished product until I started looking in the forum for a solution. So I'm assuming this feature is not yet available? Will it become a feature in the future? I would be happy to help you. I apologize for any confusion. Honestly it will never be totally "finished" as we're going to be continually adding features for the lifespan of the entire product,...

Mediashout 7 missing a significant number of important features from previous versions (Ex. Mediashout 6)

My question is if you're building MediaShout 7 from the ground up, not using any of the code/framework from your previous MS builds, then why is MediaShout 7 listed for purchase as a finished product? At best, MediaShout 7 should be in a late alpha/early beta-testing phase, not available for purchase by the general consumer, and where owners of MS4/5/6 can opt-in to test it out and report back here on the forums. Right now, you have a system where MediaShout 7 is advertised as your latest compl...

Fade out

V6 had the quick Q I used to fade out anything that was being presented at the time. I'm trying to work something out with V7. I thought changing the background to black on the last slide would work, but it changes everything (at least in the announcements Q) Any thoughts on a work around? Thanks, Stu If I understand you correctly, it sounds like you're wanting to change the last page to a black background. You could, instead, add a blank cue without a background.