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So, I have 5 Qs within my script. Turning on the countdown key for any one of these enables the countdown on all the Qs. I would of thought it would only apply to the one? What am I missing? Thanks, Stu Key objects are persistent until you turn off their visibility on a given cue or remove them. This is meant so the information provided on a Key Object is available until removed. Hi Adam. If I turn off the visibility on a given Q, it should turn off visibility on all Qs? This is how it's workin...

V7 Skipping a Verse

In version 6 we often made a decision to skip a verse or chorus (grey out but don't change the song). Is this available in V7? I cannot find it anywhere. Thanks. Rolf It is planned for an upcoming update to v7 but is not available yet.

Fade out

V6 had the quick Q I used to fade out anything that was being presented at the time. I'm trying to work something out with V7. I thought changing the background to black on the last slide would work, but it changes everything (at least in the announcements Q) Any thoughts on a work around? Thanks, Stu If I understand you correctly, it sounds like you're wanting to change the last page to a black background. You could, instead, add a blank cue without a background.

Remote controls for MS7

I'm finding almost every available remote is setup for PowerPoint, which uses an Arrow Up/Arrow Down keystroke. From what I have been able to tell, MS 7 is using Page Up/Page Down keys only. Am I missing something? Can the key presses be changed to accommodate the Arrow Up/Arrow Down keys too? If not, can you provide a list of remotes that are compatible, preferably long-range models? Thanks! -Mark Hey Mark, Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, unfortunately that is still being worked on...

Saving a cue to the Cue Library takes a very long time.

I’m noticing that as I build out my library of prebuilt cues that it is beginning to take a very long time to save a cue to the new Cues Library. This goes for both new cues and updates to existing cues. I expect it to take longer if the cue has a video, 25+ slides, but it’s to the point where I’m clicking the star then going to find something to do before coming back to the PC. I don’t have the newest machine, but it only runs our display so resources are plentiful. So I’m curious to see if ...

Missing Stanza titles

Hi, just moved over to version 7 & at present, I wouldn't want to go live on a Sunday morning. There seems to be a lot missing from V6. Can anyone tell me how to insert reference tokens? It was easy in V6 but can't see how to do in V7. Thanks Regards to all I would be happy to help you every way possible. I'm sorry you are missing that feature! We do plan to implement it very soon, and our development team is working on it (and even better ways to do it than in V6). Currently though, you'd need ...

import lyrics from v6 to v7

switching from v6 on a laptop to v7 on a tower and needing to import lyrics from the laptop v6 to the tower v7. I would be happy to help you. You can use this article for that: Let us know if you need more help.

Mediashout 7 missing a significant number of important features from previous versions (Ex. Mediashout 6)

My question is if you're building MediaShout 7 from the ground up, not using any of the code/framework from your previous MS builds, then why is MediaShout 7 listed for purchase as a finished product? At best, MediaShout 7 should be in a late alpha/early beta-testing phase, not available for purchase by the general consumer, and where owners of MS4/5/6 can opt-in to test it out and report back here on the forums. Right now, you have a system where MediaShout 7 is advertised as your latest compl...

How can we get into sub-directories?

We like to compartmentalize the videos, sermon slides and such. The settings menu doesn't seem to allow any depth of access: I need to have the stuff I'm looking for in the default folder, or change it to get to them. Can you add code to allow this? With thousands (literally) of songs, you can bet we have a LOT of places to look for the backgrounds and such. Hey there, I'm not sure I fully understand what it is that you're looking for. Are you wanting to be able to add Folders and Sub-folders t...

Multiple Bible Verses on Screen

Hello everyone, I have been having a very difficult time transitioning from Mediashout 4 to 7 (and usually I can figure out new software), and I'm really regretting making the purchase. Is there a way to have multiple Bible verses on one page? Not having dual Bibles, just want to put maybe Luke 10:31-34 on the screen. Right now, it's putting each verse on it's own page. I know I can probably manually do this, but I'm really hoping there's an option for this that I just can't find. In v6 thi...

Editing Cues

In MediaShout 7 can a change to a single cue be made without going to each cue in a song and making the same change. Hey Francis, There is no way to edit multiple cues at once in MediaShout 7, if that's what you're asking. When Templates become available, that will be the easiest way to apply a setting or settings across multiple cues. I hope this helps! -Ryan In MediaShout 6 when I change a font in a song I can hit the "apply to All" and all the lyrics in that song are changed to that font....

Options for Main Theme Change

I guess I am unique in this, but I really really don't like the black theme in the control screen... Is there a setting to select a different theme, or is this coming? The ability to change from Dark theme to Light theme is a user setting that will be available at a later date but is not currently a priority for development. This may not be a priority for development, but as a user who just purchased this. I find it extremely to edit in my environment. Please know this functionality is in the wo...

Missing Playback Controls

I am still unable to use MS7 in production because of a Screen Resolution problem. Currently my Dell laptop runs 1366x768. I cannot resize the window to fit all the display controls. I cannot do full screen or adjust screen size. I upgraded to 7.18 but the fix is still not incorporated. I thought you told me it would be available by the end of August. Do you have a time frame when the issue will be resolved? I have paid for this new App and I cannot run this in production. I would be happy to h...

Many, Many Questions from a MS6 User... am I missing something?

I have a few questions regarding MS7. I have been a long time user of MediaShout from way back in the MS4 days. All of these features are things I can do easily in MS6 Settings - I see the setting menu, but its very very basic. Is there a more advance settings menu? CCLI Number - How can I quickly add my CCLI number to the out of box copyright information? Import from MS6 - Is there a way to import lyrics from previous versions? Templates - How about Templates from previous version? Timers/Quic...

Saving modifications or edits to lyrics.

I imported our entire library of songs from Mediashout 5 to Mediashout 7 (MS7). Most songs have imported without a hitch. However, there are a few that need tweaking. I can tweak them in script when I insert a cue, but that is not great on the fly. MS5 allowed me to edit the lyric file so that every time it is inserted, that changes were already made. Is this functionality not in MS7 yet or have I not been able to find it. I would like to modify the lyric file so that every time I insert it into...

Web Que

In version 6 there was a way to add a web page to a Que how do you do that in 7? Hi Roger, this is a feature that is coming hopefully in the near future. May I ask what types of web pages did you find it useful to use inside of MediaShout? This will help our development team. Videos from You tube mostly. OK got it. Yes, we highly recommend against it. If you were caught, there might be some hefty lawsuits. You may reach out to the author of the video. Sometimes they will send you the video...

Automatic scrolling

Is anyone else having a problem with automatic scrolling> When I move a cue up or down in the lineup suddenly automatic scrolling locks and continually scrolls to the bottom or right click and it continually scrolls to what ever was clicked on the right click menu. I can't get this to stop. I close the program and reopen and sometimes it continues to scroll and other times the problem has stopped. It won't let me click on any cue to stop the scrolling.This has happened to me at least 3 ti...

How do I find and apply updates to the V7 program?

I've looked through all the menu items, particularly the help menu on V7. Is there an update button? Does the system automatically check for updates? I downloaded 7.0.5 to start a trial, and the change log shows 7.0.8 already. I, like another user has already asked, want to be able to use audio files in my cues, so we cannot consider upgrading until that feature is available. Understandable. Much of the functionality will be coming soon, so keep an eye on the change log (

Monitor screen switch time

Hi Guys..... More playing on this end with V7. I have noticed that with no transitions, my monitor screen and main switch at the exact time. That's a good thing! However, with a fade transition of .5 sec, the monitor screen is delayed about the same .5 sec. I'm sure you are aware, but wanted to pass it along just in case. Stu Thanks for the feedback! We appreciate our users that point out these little intricacies so we can do something about them!

Remote Controller

I have added the controller to MS7, and it shows up in the Settings. (for reference, it is a Kensington laser presentation remote) Clicking the buttons on the remote, however, does not advance the screens. Is there another place where I need to let MS7 know I am using a controller, or is there a specific remote controller I need to use with Mediashout? Hey Timothy, I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with this. What Keyboard commands does your remote send? At the moment only le...