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Stage display showing a different screen than front of house

This may be a crazy question but I thought I would ask. Our church uses MediaShout7. We are going to add a stage screen in back of the room soon. I have found how to get the Stage screen displaying just lyrics without backgrounds. My question is if I had 2 versions of a song from SongSelect (one version of just lyrics and one version of lyrics and chords) could I make the version with chords display on the stage monitor in the back of the room and the regulary screen (no chords) show in front of...

New Living translation bible

Currently there is only the New Living translation SE. But our church uses just the New Living translation which is slightly different. Is there any way to get the New Living translation bible added to media shout.


Nine months ago, the Director of MediaShout wrote, "Templates are coming. They will actually be a combination of Presets that save together. And then we will take it one step further and allow you to create Themes (which are a collection of Templates), much like the Sermon Builder does right now when selecting a theme. So a Theme will consist of Templates and a Template will consist of Presets (for a simple explanation)." Nine months later, now in late April 2020, I would like to know: what is t...

Wrap text with bible weirdness

Glad to see we can wrap text with bible verses and choose verses. However, that has lead me to some very weird results. I'm not sure if I'm doing it wrong. I select the verses I want, and then insert into the cue. It defaults to one verse per page. So in the queue, I switch to the wrap text, and format the font etc. However, all my pages now only show Psalms 139:1, 1a, 1b, 1c... etc. And there is no where in the text that says "1...2....18....19" I'd almost rather split the queues, how...

Alpha Channel output

The website states "You can also create and send Alpha-Channel content out from the Stage Display to your video switcher without needing to have additional hardware ... it’s designed for churches using advanced lower-third graphics and motions beyond just a Chroma or Luma Key." Like many churches that have been moving toward live stream services, we are in the process of setting up systems using Tricaster with lower-third graphics and text. Chroma and Luma Key are not good solutions here, bu...


Hi, Can you get an NDI output from mediashout? I want to use vmix and ndi rather than desktop capture. Is this possible? THankk You PAul Hey Paul, Great question! The answer is yes! NDI should work totally fine with MediaShout. In fact, we have an entire article on syncing the two together. If you go to, you'll find the steps there! Let me know if you have any other questions! God bless :) Thnaks Ben for the reply. I had read the article, but I think I right in saying th...

Templates and Presets removes pages breaks

Templates are new in MS Presets have been around a while. Now in v7.3, using either templates or Presets removes pages brakes and converts song lyrics laid out on 32 slides to 8 slides of jumbled mess. I have Allow Splitting selected. am I missing something?

Splitting verses in the Lyrics Library

Does v7 have the means to create the page splits in the verses while in the lyrics library? Basically making a Verse 1a, 1b, etc.... In version 6, it used to be hitting Ctrl+Enter to create the page line in the verse. Knowing that you had the capability in prior version and not the newer, please don't tell me it wasn't a popular need. That would tell me that you surveyed a bunch of users that don't really use it much for services or live stream purposes. The true users seem to be complaining of ...

Transparent backgrounds

When using transparent backgrounds for a cue it projects/outputs as a black background; there is no difference between black and transparent. This has been fine for only using the FOH screens. However, I am using it to overlay lyrics into OBS (NDI visuals to the second PC for streaming) and I key out the black background. I am trying to simplify the process where I do not need to constantly need to switch scenes when transitioning from live video to pre-recorded (played from Mediashout); keying ...

Delete a lyric from the Library?

I imported the wrong version of a song from SongSelect -- how do I delete it from my library? Select the song, then make sure you are in Edit mode at the top of the Lyric tool and on the left border, select the trash can and confirm.

Looping a cue

we have updated to media shout 7 but now cannot find where to loop a cue that had several pages of our announcements in it which we just looped before the service. Is this function still possible or not? Hey Gary! It absolutely is! Check out this article to see the way it is able to be looped now! Let me know if you have further questions. -Ben Wagner

MS7 Lyric Woes

Why did I purchase an upgrade to a software that has only 50% completed features? Running scripts that heavily feature the use of detailed Lyric cues is our bread and butter. It’s the main reason we have the program - it’s literally how we accepted the sales pitch to buy the program - to run our services with an intricate stage display for musicians and pastors alike. And now the single most useful tool of lyric cues, the key items for seeing current page header info and for previewing the next...

Line Spacing

Is there any way to reduce the line spacing to less than 1.0? Hey Esther! Unfortunately, it can't drop below a line spacing of 1.0. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! Please let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks! Thanks Ben. Given that you can increase the line spacing, can I assume it would be an easy change to include the ability to reduce the spacing. Like many churches, we have been expanding our capacity for online and streaming of services. In an effort ...

Verse split getting out or order

While laying out the lyrics Media Shout split the lyrics up wrong. It put part of the verse below where it should have been. (Please see attachment). This has happened to me several times, and the only way I've seen to fix it is delete the lyric and start over with it. Since the lyric database has no layout formatting I have to start from scratch with verses, chorus' etc. Any idea why this happens? Is there no way to add an existing verse to the lyric layout? I have deleted an item such as an en...

Three services - One long script or separate Scripts

We do three services on Sunday mornings, two traditional, one contemporary. In MS 5 we had one long script for the entire morning. Is anyone facing this and just doing separate scripts for each service and message? My thought is Traditional scripts, contemporary scripts, message, announcement loops as separate scripts. Thoughts?

Mirror main per cue?

I see the mirror main switch under the Viewers; however, in our workflow, we often have videos, etc, that the speaker would watch, without turning around to the projectors. For those cues we need to mirror main but not others. Is there a way to mirror main per cue? In v7 we can't currently mirror individual cues to the Stage, but if you have a video cue, if you sync it to the Stage, it will show there. Very interesting issue with that. I had a 5 minute countdown video that was playing before ...

Planning Center Integration

How do you integrate planning center as you could on earlier versions. This is very important to us and saves much time. Also, where do you put the ccli number as is required? I also read that you support Alpha channel for going to a LiveStream. Where would I find this? I do like being able to mirror the front screen to the stage at any time. The missing features though make this version almost unusable for us. (like not being able to import our songs with formatting and backgrounds) Hey Ron! ...

How can we get into sub-directories?

We like to compartmentalize the videos, sermon slides and such. The settings menu doesn't seem to allow any depth of access: I need to have the stuff I'm looking for in the default folder, or change it to get to them. Can you add code to allow this? With thousands (literally) of songs, you can bet we have a LOT of places to look for the backgrounds and such. Hey there, I'm not sure I fully understand what it is that you're looking for. Are you wanting to be able to add Folders and Sub-folders t...

How to handle Liturgy now that Liturgy manager is gone

So I have read in another thread, that the Liturgy manager was removed because not many churches use it apparently. I can say that we have not in the past, but we have a new team taking on the creation and management of our service queues and we want to work in the most efficient way. I was aware of the Liturgy Manger in the past version so I started by looking for that. Since it is gone, I thought that using just the Cue library is the way we would need to go. The problem I have with this is th...

Media library sorting and filtering

I have hundreds of background videos and images. I've set up the video, audio, and image library. I wish I could use it, but with so many images and videos, unless I'm missing something, I can't. Scrolling with a miniscule scroll bar, just doesn't work well. Maybe have a modal, like the lyrics, so you have more than 2 wide. Please put in a request to be able to do a full search/filter, (starts with, ends with, contains, type:png,jpg,gif, etc) and sorting (name, date, file type, and ascending/dec...