Stage Display - Displaying Messages

Jun 04, 2019
Rolf Straatemeier wrote
Hi, I am trying to come up with the best way to use the Stage Display to send an "eye-catching" message to the Worship Leader or Pastor at the front of the church. I have been experimenting with doing a PowerPoint or video with bright yellow Blinking Text on a black background with a message such as "don't forget Kid's Church" or Don't forget the Offering". I don't want the congregation to see the message. Is this possible to achieve or is this the best way to get a similar message on the Stage Screen? Any assistance would be appreciated. Rolf
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Jun 05, 2019
Ryan Zeeck agent wrote
Hey Rolf!

Is this something that you could setup before service and have it fire along with an Announcement Cue or Closing Cue? Or is it something that you need to have ready to go so you can fire it at a moments notice (like an Emergency Message that overlays on top of whatever you currently have sent out)?

If it can be setup prior to service, I would just go to the cue and click Edit Stage to switch over to edit that Stage Display. Then, you can either use the existing text box on that page to write in your message (and put it in large letters and a bright color). Or, you can insert a new text box (Insert Object > Text Box) and type in your message and make it look the way you want it.

If it is something that you need at a moments notice, you may need to set up a Key Cue:

I hope this makes sense! If you have any trouble with this, let us know. This might be a good one to Live Chat about ( when you are there with the computer trying to accomplish this.


Jun 05, 2019
Rolf Straatemeier wrote
Thank you for getting back to me Ryan. I will work this through on the livechat. Just need to work out the time difference. It is not an emergency cue, but would be a standard cue that needs to get the attention of the worship leader. That is why I would like the text to "blink" or "pulse". Rolf