How to make custom lyric transitions painless when rearranging a lyric?

Feb 23, 2018
Matt Wolenetz wrote
While evaluating whether or not to proceed with upgrading from MediaShout 5 to 6, I examined one particularly painful MediaShout 5 case that appears to still remain a problem in MediaShout 6:

Custom lyric transitions (such as, on this particular stanza section's ending, fade out lyric text, but elsewhere in the song, cut lyric text and don't fade-out) still are bound to the position; inserts/removal of stanzas before that custom point will make the custom transition effect apply to the wrong page of the song. This really prevents us from efficiently re-arranging lyrics that have custom transitions (say, dissolve when transitioning to a blank slide for interludes or endings, versus cut-out+dissolve-in normal behavior).

I note that the other painful MS5 case (pinning a custom object's visibility, like "copyright 2", to a particular stanza's pice) *is* much improved in MediaShout 6 using "Object Visibility". Is there some similar mechanism we could use to pin lyric text transitions to specific portions of the lyric cue, yet allow that pinning to stick with the stanza section even if that section is moved as part of a rearrangement?