Crash Upon Activation of MediaShout 6

If you begin to activate MediaShout 6, click the submit button, and the program crashes, in most cases, this can be resolved quite quickly.  Normally, we see this issue happen if a). Windows 10 has recently installed updates and a “restore point” was performed,  b). MediaShout hasn't opened up with the internet hooked to it in quite some time, or c). other odd issues within Windows 10.  

Attached to this article is an "Activation Fix" file.  Simply run the file.  It will immediately run a series of commands, through Command Prompt. Then, it will re-open MediaShout 6 to the activation window.  Once it has opened, you should be able to activate successfully.  It may also ask you to re-register the computer, but since this computer was previously activated, it will not use up another activation.

NOTE: If you get a message from Windows Smart Screen, letting you know it is trying to protect you, click the "More Info" option at the end of the message and click "Run Anyway". 

If you are still having issues and are in your 30 day window or initial Trial period, please give us a call (866-857-1292). Otherwise, please have your Plus Membership number handy when calling. If you are not sure if you have a Plus Membership and would like more information, please click HERE.