Running Media Shout on church computer using a remote computer

May 07 (36 days ago)
Linda Sue Martin wrote
We are trying to setup the service cue and scripts by logging into the church computer remotely. After logging into the church computer, I launch the Media Shout 7 application and I'm greeted with nothing. I can see the application is running but the application itself will not display on the church's computer. However, if I am onsite it will display. I have tried a couple of different remote access programs and they both produce the same results. Your help and suggestions would be very much appreciated.
3 Answers
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May 07 (36 days ago)
Ryan Zeeck agent wrote
Hey Linda!

There are a few ideas I have for what could be causing this. Could you email so we can troubleshoot some things for you.

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May 08 (35 days ago)
Esther @ NewLifeMilton wrote
We use Remote Utilities and it works great. Last summer we had an operator run the entire service from home (he was ill and alternatives were hard to come by that weekend).
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May 10 (33 days ago)
Ben Wagner agent wrote

I'll have to look into that one!

-Ben Wagner, Support