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Remote connection problems

how do i connect a android device via remote, im having trouble connecting. when i pull up my app on the device it's not showing any available computers. The device and the computer must be on the exact same WiFi network together in order to communicate. Once they are, the device should see the computer and control it. Hi Adam. My mobile devices are connected to the same network. We have 2 PCs connected to a router which is then connect to our modem which controls our internet access. I have co...

Insert multiple Bible verses

My old version allowed for choosing several verses, then insert into the script. How do I select several verses instead of drag them one at a time? Hey Steve, Support for MediaShout 5 actually requires a Plus Membership. But, when selecting your Scripture, you would choose the Starting Verse and then Ending Verse. This will give you those to and everything in between. If you need something further, check out Plus ( -Ryan Sorry, I meant several scriptures, not verses...

Sharing violation in MediaShout 5

I get these 2 error messages upon closing MediaShout 5: Encountered a sharing violation while accessing C:\ProgramData\MediaComplete\MediaShout5\Bible.dat. and Encountered a sharing violation while accessing C:\ProgramData\MediaComplete\MediaShout5\Lyric.dat. How do I fix this? Thanks!

Copyright information not displaying on "Blank" slides

So I'm using the guide on this site: The issue is I want it to display on a blank slide at the beginning of a song. That way it is a quick display of the legal info, and then we can get into the song without being distracted by a massive amount of information running along the bottom of the slides for the entire song. But the copyright info disappears when I project the blank slide. Any thoughts? Does MS 6 or 7 have th...

Why can't I reinstall MediaShout 5?

Hello all, I'm hoping someone can help me with an issue I'm having with Media Shout 5. My churches' computer was running slow and wouldn't connect to our router so I decided to do some trouble shooting to get things working again. I reset the computer, the usual first option on a Windows 10 machine that removes everything except user files. I just reinstalled MediaShout 5 on the computer. However when I try to get it running it comes up slowly and when it does it goes right into "not responding...

Mass edit text to all caps?

Maybe I'm missing something that is glaringly obvious (my apologies if so), but is there not a way to make all of the text of a slide or an entire song all caps without having to retype everything? I think in Windows 10 you can hit shift+F3 or something like that, but that's not working for me. Hey Jason, You're not missing a thing. This is actually a feature request that has been put in by other users. Currently, the only way to change case over all is to use an all caps font. Have a blessed...

How to stop background from disolving.

I feel like I used to be able to do this, but cannot get any lyric backgrounds to just cut between each other. In using several lyrics with the same background I would like to go from song to song without the transition look when I go to the next song. In my Cue and Page Options in the transitions window on all lyrics it is either blank or says cut-cut. I'm using Version (x86). What am I missing? Thanks!

Issue installing King James Bible Version.

We recently had a sharing violation issue in Lyric.dat & Bible.dat. Thanks to Fran Grast for asking that same question in August 2018. During this process the King James bible version has disappeared. I have went through the process several times to install it again. Each time I get a successful finish but the King James version will not show up as a selectable option. According to "about Mediashout / check for updates" I am running the current version of Mediashout 5, Build 5.2.118. How do I ...

Split display problem

We recently purchased a new Windows 10 laptop to run Mediashout 5. After installing the program on the laptop, we're having display problems. When we run Mediashout, the projected image is split between our Windows desktop and Mediashout - see attached photo. The laptop is Windows 10. The Windows display settings are set to extended desktop. The problem only occurs in Mediashout; PowerPoint works fine. Any troubleshooting tips or suggestions? Mike

Powerpoint Issue

Hi there, We recently upgraded our computer to a more powerful one and are using Media Shout 5 still. One problem that we are coming across is that every time we switch from a lyric slide to a powerpoint slide and then try to switch back to a lyric slide, the screen goes black and nothing will make it go back to the lyric slides. The only we can do is exit out of the program and start it again and then we can click on a lyric slide to continue. We tried using Media Shout 6 trial version and t...

Stage Display Text

Hi, I just got all of our tech up and running to be able to use the MediaShout stage display feature. I know that the stage display displays the current words as well as the first line of the next "slide." Is there a way to make the stage display just show the entire text of the next "slide" or would I have to do that all manually? I've played around with the views and their properties, but I haven't found anything that allows me to do that. Hi, Thank you for your question! To accomplish this,...

Que Timed Advance & BG advance stopped working on church computer (they work at home)

In MS5 about a month ago script que's that had been set to automatically advance after a certain amount of time (like 15 sec) and ones that had a video play and was set to advance upon completion of video (BG) stopped advancing on Sunday. A day or two later they started to function correctly. Just tonight (Saturday) a new set of que's started malfunctioning in the same manner. What might the problem be? I was thinking of calling to get a screen share to get it looked at. Robert, The first...

Mediashout 5 Microsoft JET database errors

From what I have read, there was a database overhaul that has rendered mediashout prone to glitches if not totally useless until updated. My friends have updated their mediashout 6's and that fixed their problems. I cannot afford to switch to 6 and don't want to either, given the loss of key features I use from MS5. Will there be an update to repair mediashout 5? And if it is already out I cannot find it, so please link it! Mike, MS5 has not been in development for over 2 years. I am not ...

Dissolving in and out

I have a group of media cues (jpgs) that are timed and set to loop. I would like each cue to dissolve out before the next cue dissolves in. How do I set this up? Thanks. You'l want to select each cue and then the Cue and Page Options tool. Set your transitions in and out, set the timing of the transition and close the window. You'll have to do this for each cue you have in the loop. Adam, thank you for your prompt reply. I am not able to find the Cue and Page Options tool. I want each cue...

MediaShout 5 sometimes comes up with layout corrupted so bad the screens are blank

This happens once in a while and affects all the monitors. By re-powering the PC and doing various tricks I can get the man GUI and do View->Workspace->Restore Standard Layout". This fixes everything and implies the layout had gotten corrupted. My question is "How can I start MediaShout with a default view or with the default layout. Can I do this via an argument passed to MediaShout from a shortcut startup? Or is this stored in a configuration file that I can edit to fix? If a config file...

YouTube videos inserted into MediaShout 5

How do I insert a YouTube video into my MediaShout 5 program? Hey there, I'd be happy to help. Unfortunately you cannot insert them directly into Mediashout 5. There are copyright regulations that prevent us from facilitating this. However, you can save the Youtube video or download it as a video file to your computer itself, then just go to Insert > Video and point to the file like you would bring in any other video. For this you'd need an application to download and save the Youtube videos...

Setting up default cue settings

I'm setting up Mediashout 5 on a laptop after our previous machine broke down. I am having a few issues with the following: 1. Default cue settings for song lyrics and Bible - I want to set a new default font to Corbel size 34. This is what we have used for ages. I set this up on a song cue, saved the template as a new one and then set it as the default template for all songs. However, the font keeps resetting to Arial and resizing to 36. The same thing happens with the Bible template I've set ...

Resource manager error Timeout was reached

Trying to download resources from Resource Manager and everything receives the error: Timeout was reached. Why??? What can I do? Thanks Adam - I'll do that. Blessings on your week! There was a reply from one of our agents that provided direct links to the downloads. He was not made aware that the links are only for V5 users only. Posting the links in a public forum gives access to these files to everyone and this actually violates our agreement with the publishers. Unfortunately, I had to dele...

fonts stuck at size 24

I can't change the size of my fonts from 24.....anyone got any ideas? Mainly trying to use Bebas Hey Brady, You are using MediaShout 5, right? This is something that we have seen before. Anytime this happens, it is directly related to the Font Style. Since this is a Windows issue, and not a MediaShout issue, there are only a few things that we can suggest: 1. Check your default printer. Try setting the Default to Microsoft XPS to see if that helps with this issue. 2. Also, check your Cue Set...