Lyric video motion backgrounds going black

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Dec 06, 2019
Glenn Michalski wrote
We have been using Shout about 12 years and have recently come up against a problem with video file lyric backgrounds that is driving the team crazy. We have tried all of the usual suggestions of updating/reloading the codec pack, delete the thumbnails, and a bunch of stuff that we tried on our own. We thought we had it fixed by simply changing the file name. Nope.

Until last night we thought that the problem was only related to WMVs, but it seems to happen with some MPGs as well. For now MP4s work fine. (I know…). All WMVs and MPGs do not fail. Only some of them.

Load the lyric, change the background to one of the offending files and several of weird things may happen.

The background on Main goes black while the script area looks good.
The background may show as black in the script area, but Main will project fine
My personal favorite…double click on the first page of the lyric and the background toggles between black and the video.

There are more variations of this issue, but you should get the idea.
See the attached PDF for some pictures.

Has anyone else seen this? Any ideas?

1 Answer
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Dec 06, 2019
MediaShout Support agent wrote
I would be happy to help you. It looks like you may have a couple of independent issues, or they're affecting each other. Look at Rooftops and you'll see the yellow triangle on the cue thumbnail area that will tell you exactly why that one is showing as just black-- it's because that background no longer exists where it used to be on your computer anymore. The media file is "missing" since you built and used that cue from your library. To fix that, you'd just need to go to Change BG and pick a new background. But here's the catch and what may be making it more complex-- if someone in the past maybe assigned a foreground object of a video or image covering up the background, instead of just the background, then maybe it's somehow got even more layers that are still missing even after you replace the main background, and maybe that's covering up the background with black??? I don't THINK that's the case, but it may be. So if the triangle on the LEFT on the cue thumbnail (the one on the top right just means it isn't saved to your lyric library in its current state) still remains after you Change BG and pick a new background, then you'd need to take this measure: Apply a default template to clear out any other layers. Just go to the Templates tab and find one like Center Bright Blue and double click to apply it. Then format like you want and replace the background. With all that said, I do think the codecs might still be the issue if this happens on any cue that is NOT showing that yellow triangle (like Amazed), it's probably the codecs. If they've been uninstalled and reinstalled, maybe it just wasn't done quite right, or there was a step missed. For instance if you're looking at an older article or printed set of instructions or ones we sent a while ago, maybe you don't have the last 3-4 steps regarding applying the "fixes" and "tweaks" at the end, and sometimes those are the critical parts to making it actually work. So try also going to and doing ALL steps to the end.