BWSymbol.ttf causing MediaShout to crash (crash when clicking font box in MediaShout)

We have a fair amount of users who also use an application called BibleWorks. This application (depending on version) will install a font called BWSymbol that may be missing some critical information from the file properties (Author and Legal Trademark information). If it is missing, then it will cause MediaShout to crash when accessing the fonts in the ribbon. The good news is the BibleWorks has provided an updated font that fixes this issue and we have now included it below (along with steps on how to install).

If you have BibleWorks installed and MediaShout 6 crashes when trying to access the fonts, you will need to delete the current BWSymbol font (may show as BWSymbol Regular) from the Windows Font folder and install the one included at the bottom of this article. 

To do this, please do the following (make sure both MediaShout and BibleWorks are closed when doing this):

1. Download and extract the font from the attached folder. (Do not extract it to the font folder)
2. Go to C:\Windows\Fonts
3. Locate the BWSymbol (or BWSymbol Regular) font.
4. Right click it and select Delete.
5. When asked if you want to permanently delete the font, click Yes.
6. Go to the extracted bwsymbol.ttf file from step 1.
7. Right Click the bwsymbol.ttf file and select Install.

That's it.  Let us know if you still have issues after following these steps.