Using iPad as a controller

Oct 31, 2019
Warren Robison wrote
Just 'upgraded' to 7 running and not finding a way to control the scripts using my phone or iPad. I did not realize this was not a finished product until I started looking in the forum for a solution. So I'm assuming this feature is not yet available? Will it become a feature in the future?
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Oct 31, 2019
MediaShout Support agent wrote
I would be happy to help you. I apologize for any confusion. Honestly it will never be totally "finished" as we're going to be continually adding features for the lifespan of the entire product, with our new capability to add plugins, etc. and the program will grow based on user requested features and new implementations. With that said, the basis of it is ready and working for many users, so it was launched and we consider it "finished." The remote app feature was hanging on by a thread in Version 5/6 because of old software elements, and we needed to COMPLETELY revamp that instead of just sticking a barely working piece in for Version 7, so it's taking longer than anticipated, to get a remote app developed that we're full confident in and proud of. But we do have that in the plans for sure. In the meantime, there's an excellent solution. If you download the free Teamviewer app on your phone or iPad, then on the computer, you can remotely control the entire computer from that device, so you'd have full control of the MediaShout control screen. With MediaShout 7's new Presenter View, you can put it in a view to show thumbnails or list items of all the service's cue, in the middle of the screen, and customize how large or small they appear. That means it's ideal for your iPad or phone screen, where you can just double-tap to play any slide, etc. That's what I'd suggest in the meantime, for even better control than the remote app had in our old versions, until we get the new remote app out.
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Sep 12 (7 months ago)
Jeff Cannon wrote
I agree...I would not have upgraded to 7 if I had known that the Remote app was not included, are we any closer to this being done?
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Sep 14 (7 months ago)
Ryan Zeeck agent wrote
Hey Jeff,

Yes, we sure are! We are VERY close to having an update that will add the Remote functionality. I apologize it has taken so long!

Keep your eye out for the next update email to get that downloaded ASAP.