Editing Stage Display

Oct 23, 2017
Nathan Mann wrote
Just wondering if it is possible to edit the stage display text manually without it affecting all of the other pages in the cue. For example, if I wanted to change the prompt for the next lyric in the chorus page, all other verses are also affected? Is there a way of just being able to customise the stage display for each individual page in a cue?
1 Answer
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Oct 24, 2017
MediaShout Support agent wrote
Hey there! Absolutely! If you want to put custom text in the main text area that shows the current lyrics, you can just flip it to "Custom Text" in the ribbon bar after you click Edit Stage. That allows you to put in your own text. Folks have even used it for guitar chords, etc. If you want to change what's in the "next line" field at the bottom, that'd be a little different. Because it pulls in as a "token" which just means it is pre-existing text, you'd just need to hide that token or remove it from the page, and put in your own text box. You'd go to Insert Object and choose Text Box to do that. Then it will be unique to that one page. If you need more detailed instructions or have any issues, submit a ticket at support@mediashout.com and we'll be happy to provide some solutions!