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Can't get Transition: Cut to work

Since the most recent update to MediaShout, the transition has defaulted to dissolve between cues. However, if I want to change it back to "Cut", it doesn't work. It dissolves like normal. I've tried setting the dissolve time to "0" which seems to cause it to go back to 3 for some reason. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Again, this is only between cues - not pages. I am able to set it to "Cut" and MediaShout saves this setting, but in practice, when you fire it - it does not cut. Hey ...

PowerPoint not playing well with new install

We are in the process of replacing our media PC. It is a clean install of Win 10 Pro, MediaShout 6 (currently in trail while I get the bugs worked out before going live) and Office 2010. This is the same as our current PC except moving from Win 7 to 10 and newer hardware. I have copied the My Shout and MediaComplete folders from the existing PC to keep my current library and bibles. The issue I am currently stuck on is that pptx files, when fired, open PowerPoint in the taskbar. Sometimes it wil...

Song Select Not Working

We're not sure what happened but our link to Song Select stopped working. We are no longer able to try and reconnect it (yes, the subscription is active) and when we do, we get a popup window with this error... "Your authentication token was not valid, is missing, already used, or expired. Try going back to the site you were on and connecting to SongSelect again" I've searched the Internet, Song Select site and forums and I'm not finding anything. Any suggestions? We've reinstalled Media ...

Announcement loop reversion

Good morning, all, Has anybody else run into trouble with announcements reverting to prior versions? When I edit an existing announcement (for example, we announce birthdays/anniversaries which change week to week), I have to close MS completely and re-open in order for the changes to be saved (regardless of whether or not I hit 'save' after editing). This works about 80% of the time but now and then it'll still revert, even after saving the edit, saving the script, closing MS and re-opening. - ...

Export Song Library as a printed document

Under Ver. 5 there was a simple process to export the song Lib as a printed Doc. In the new version ver. 6 it is not clear how that process is Our song leader uses this doc from time to time to clean-up the song Lib. I would be happy to help you. You can go to the insert lyric button, then click a song in the song list and press Control + A to select all songs. Then right click any of the selected, and click Export Lyrics. Then change the export format to "Text .txt files." Thanks for the quic...

Space bar does not advance to next lyric

When using the space bar to display pages, all works well. When the space bar is pressed at the end of a lyric, the first page of a 'random' lyric in the script is displayed - not the following lyric. I need to manually select the first page of the next lyric in the script before tapping the space bar to advance through the lyric. I am using the latest build. Any suggestions to remedy the issue would be appreciated. David. Hey David, This is very strange. MediaShout is setup so you can just hit...

Importing Animation into Mediashout 6

Is there a way to import animated power point slides into Mediashout Mike, There is the option to simply Insert a Slideshow as opposed to Importing it. This allows all transitions/animations to be carried over. The only caveat is that this requires a specific version of PowerPoint to work consistently. The versions that work are PowerPoint 2010 and 2016 Pro Plus. If you have either of these programs installed on the computer that will run the presentation, you should be able to Insert your Pow...

Lyric Time Triggers

We use time Triggers on all of our lyrics. (Found a Bug). If you make a mistake when entering your time trigger and trying to clear the playback grid to restart it only clears the grid not the last slide that was displayed so when you restart it starts at last slide. You have to shut MediaShout down or delete lyric and re-enter to start entering the time triggers again. For example, if you start recording your time triggers and get to the third screen and make a mistake then cleare the playback ...

Stage display latency

Not a question but a discovery. Using the Control, Main and Stage displays with stage mirroring main I ran into the stage display being 1-2 seconds behind the main. Here's the thing, if you start the script and then choose <edit stage> and restart the script (without selecting <stop> first), the latency reduces to 1/2 second or less. If you need too, you can then select <edit main> and restart (again without using <stop>). The lag is still significantly reduced. I am curi...

Mediashout Crashing

We have very rarely been able to make it through a service without mediashout crashing. support has not been any help they just keep telling me to reinstall the codec pack even though I have done this multiple times. I have done everything I can think of I have reinstalled everything we even got a new computer i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB NVMe SSD, GTX 1050TI with the last update it deleted a good portion of our lyrics database luckily I have backups. Now when it crashes it is getting stuck as a system p...

Printing service sheet

Long ago there used to be a Word macro for printing a service sheet from Mediashout. Sometimes useful for members of the congregation who cannot see the screens. I haven't used it for a while, and since then, both Word and Mediashout have changed a lot. Is there still a facility to print the words of a service? Unfortunately, the only print of the MediaShout is a thumbnail view, not the text. We are hoping to expand that capability in the near future.

Keep getting "Recover new media" upon start up.

How can I get a clean startup? Hey Pervy, So that I don't miscommunicate, can you give me the reason for wanting a startup and what you are wanting specifically? I'll be happy to help! I keep getting "recover new script on the ribbon. See file attached Hi Pervy, I don't see anything attached. II I tried to do a cut and paste, but I guess the attachments did not attach. I will send you photos tomorrow from my cell phone.. Pervy Wilson Hi Pervy, I haven't received anything from you ye...

Sound Fade on Script Loop

I have created a script of (for simplicity sake) 6 slides and have set the time to 10 seconds each. This will play my announcements and return to the top and repeat until stopped. I have also added a background sound file to play across all the script slides. This all works well, with the exception of the "Fade Out". I have set the "Mark & Play" to end just prior to the last slide (say 55 seconds). It will NOT fade but rather just stop at that point. The fade works as advertised if it is within ...

Computers that work well with Mediashout 6

Our church is purchasing a new computer to run version 6 and be able to use all features. Any suggestions of makes/models that work well, especially graphics wise? I would be happy to help you. I would take a look at the computer we build as a benchmark for components like the GTX 1050 video card. You can see them here: If interested in any of them directly from us, let me know as I can get you free shipping and a free USB drive this month, and you get a $200 discou...

Multiple slides with text on stage screen only

I need to put text on the stage screen for multiple slides for the kids Christmas program. when I want it on the main screens, I "insert text" and copy and paste it in, then I tweek it. Is there a simple way to do that only on the stage screen? thanks

Method for creating a video containing lyrics using Lyrics cue

We use a worship video prior to the start of each worship service. Typically I use Adobe Premiere to add lyrics when the video does not already contain them. It occurred to me that a video can be used as the background to a lyric cue, making the song lyrics immediately available. An operator could step through the lyric pages manually, but it would be preferable for that to occur automatically. I can assign a time value to each page in order to achieve the desired flow, but the process of se...

medialook icon on videos

I just upgraded to V6 from V5. Many of my moving backgrounds and service opener videos have a medialooks icon on them. How do I remove the icon? Hey! If you are seeing this watermark, it is likely because of the way your Codecs are setup. To fix the “MediaLooks” watermark issue, please do the following: With MediaShout closed, go to your start button and type “tweak” to open the Codec Tweak Tool. On the right side, click Preferred Splitters. On the left column, make sure that .mp4 and .mov...

How I stopped packing files and am always in sync

I've recently switched how I "pack" my files from my home computer to my church computer. This should work for anyone who has only one person creating and updating scripts. It likely wont work if you have a bunch of people working on scripts. A little history, I've used the built in dropbox sync, my own version of drop box syncing, and now I use Google's Drive File Stream. For the drop box, it was okay. The problem that I kept running into was that last minute changes to lyrics, etc, cause...

Setting Viewers

I am not able to save / keep the setting / "source" for the Main Viewers when I close Media Shout (6) and then reopen it. I am attempting to set them from the Settings tab. It defaults to Main and Stage (both are the same). I want to see Main and Main next. Thank you for any assistance. Hi Tom and Rhonda, Whenever you make a change to the layout of the MediaShout control screen, you must then save it as a Workspace to be able to use it in the future. Under the Settings Tab, you should see ...

Intel Workaround Question

We already spent money on a small form factor PC to run MS6. We were unaware of the issues with the Intel HD cards. We have scaling issues of course and have found a few ways to work around it, but it is very annoying. My question is does anyone have a suggestion on how to supplement the PC we already have to work with MS6. External video cards seem to be expensive and it's not possible to add a card in this box. My initial thought would be to use a USB>HDMI adapter, would this potentially ...