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Sending song title page info to stage display

We're overlaying song lyrics on our stream video. I have formatted the stage display with white text on black at the requested font size and number of lines to feed this. CCLI says we must display the song credits also, which are on our song title page, but I can't get that to appear on the stage display. Help!

Windows Update Causing Problems?

Did some Windows Updates this weekend, including .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 for Windows 10, version 20H2 for x64 (KB4601050). Today Mediashout has been crashing frequently all morning. Fortunately, this is on our streaming computer, so it's not as critical as it would be for our "in-person" projection. Has anyone else had this issue, and have any solutions? Thank you lloyd dooley


Is there any way to rearrange the different sections on the workspace? It kind of drives me crazy. I want to be able to make some things smaller, like the menu bar, and just move things around. Is that possible? Hey there, In MediaShout 6, you can adjust some of the sections and dividers to make certain parts larger or smaller. Some other things, like the ribbon at the top and the Fire Control buttons, cannot be moved, however. Once you make your adjustments, go to the Settings Tab to sa...

Utilizing OBS and Media Shout simultaneously

We are currently using OBS to stream to Facebook live. We also have a live audience that I still need Media Shout to display song lyrics. Media Shout will not fire to the projector screen. The projector is showing the main screen of my computer, but will not bring up Media Shout when I fire it from the desktop. HELP! Hello Katie, It sounds like your screens aren't set up properly in Windows yet. Go to and you should be up and running quickly!

NASB 2020 availability?

NASB was updated this year. As we did with the two most recent versions of NIV (1984, 2011), I would like to maintain both NASB 1995 and NASB 2020. When will this new version be available? Hey Gary! Thanks for reaching out with this today! This is the first I'm hearing of a new version of NASB! Let me reach out to the team to see if we have any plans for any of this moving forward and then I should be able to get back to you! Is that alright? -Ben Wagner, Customer Support Representative I h...

is anyone pleased with media shout 6?

I had to upgrade from 4 to 6 and found this program non intuitive, unresponsive and a royal pain in the but even after 60 plus days of use. Problems galore For the record, my experience of MS6 is very good, it far outstrips previous versions. The trick in learning about MS6 when coming from previous versions, I found, was to completely forget how you did things in previous versions and come to MS6 with no baggage from previous versions, it's easier to pick up that way. I did take some time to...

Planning Center Online signin fails (gives me MediaShout main web page)

New computer. Setup went smooth. I was able to long into to Song Select, but when I try to log into Planning Center through the Settings area (Settings/Lyrics/Planning Center button) it fails. I get a login window, enter my username and password, but then the login window turns into the main MediaShout web page. And I'm still not logged in to PCO. I can log in via an actual web browser, but that doesn't really help me when I want to try to import a service from PCO. I'm on the latest (and likel...

Insert Lyric button grayed out?

My insert lyric button is grayed out and I am unable to click on it to try to get to the song library. Everything else seems to be working. I can insert bible verses just fine. Hey Timmy, This means that the file you have selected for the DB is unusable. Go to Settings > General Settings > Lyrics and check to see which file it is pointing to at the top? I see the email you also submitted. It is probably best to go back and forth over that email. Thanks, -Ryan

Is there a way to have a transparent background in MediaShout?

Last Sunday we did the first live stream broadcast of our worship service. I used MediaShout to switch sermon points and scripture into a full screen view at the appropriate time, and it worked well. We did get some questions about also getting the lyrics up. Right now, I'm setting up MS with lyrics positioned at the top of the screen, then dragging that window down in the broadcast software (OBS) to put it in the lower part of the stream view. It has a black background behind it, and I have not...

Space bar does not advance to next lyric

When using the space bar to display pages, all works well. When the space bar is pressed at the end of a lyric, the first page of a 'random' lyric in the script is displayed - not the following lyric. I need to manually select the first page of the next lyric in the script before tapping the space bar to advance through the lyric. I am using the latest build. Any suggestions to remedy the issue would be appreciated. David. Hey David, This is very strange. MediaShout is setup so you can just hit...

Song Select Not Working

We're not sure what happened but our link to Song Select stopped working. We are no longer able to try and reconnect it (yes, the subscription is active) and when we do, we get a popup window with this error... "Your authentication token was not valid, is missing, already used, or expired. Try going back to the site you were on and connecting to SongSelect again" I've searched the Internet, Song Select site and forums and I'm not finding anything. Any suggestions? We've reinstalled Media ...

Keep getting "Recover new media" upon start up.

How can I get a clean startup? Hey Pervy, So that I don't miscommunicate, can you give me the reason for wanting a startup and what you are wanting specifically? I'll be happy to help! I keep getting "recover new script on the ribbon. See file attached Hi Pervy, I don't see anything attached. II I tried to do a cut and paste, but I guess the attachments did not attach. I will send you photos tomorrow from my cell phone.. Pervy Wilson Hi Pervy, I haven't received anything from you ye...

Bible Versions Missing

How can I download the Bible versions? I have license. Hey Francisco! Can you email with your License Number so we can look at your license specifically to make sure it is set up to have all Bibles? Thanks! -Ryan Hi Ryan, I have MacBook Pro. I tried transferring to Usb drive and launch the Mediashout but there's not other versions except KJV. Please help. Thanks. Francisco Fransisco, Thanks for emailing in about this. If you need anything further, please let us know....

Converting imported powerpoints to lyric files

Is there a convenient way to convert an imported ppt into a Lyric? We have 850+/- PPTX files with CCLI licensed sheet music in them. The sheet music consists of single-page jpg files (words and music) within each ppt. I have tested the process of creating new Lyrics and inserting the images one song at a time but, as you can imagine, this is a bit tedious (many songs are 20+ pages). We would like to make use of the power of MS's Lyric db to make it quicker/easier for our volunteers (and insulat...


I'm still using MS6 and a few videos will not load at all. MS just closes upon inserting into the script. In searching for a fix, everything points to the K-lite codec pack, which I have, but it still says 11.3. K-lite updated to 15.x.x on Dec 29. Can I update the codec pack or is 11.3 the only thing that will work with MS6? PLUS... on tweaking codecs the png's are missing. Hey Tim, You'll want to stay on 11.3.0. Yes, we are aw...

Lyric video motion backgrounds going black

We have been using Shout about 12 years and have recently come up against a problem with video file lyric backgrounds that is driving the team crazy. We have tried all of the usual suggestions of updating/reloading the codec pack, delete the thumbnails, and a bunch of stuff that we tried on our own. We thought we had it fixed by simply changing the file name. Nope. Until last night we thought that the problem was only related to WMVs, but it seems to happen with some MPGs as well. For now M...

All Monitors Going to Black Intermittently

We have Mediashout 6 running on a Windows 10 machine. Our setup is the program operation monitor, a confidence monitor and two display monitors at the front. We are experiencing the various monitors going black at different, seemingly random times. Sometimes it is just the monitor displaying the program, sometimes the confidence monitor, sometimes both. Less frequently the display monitors, either one, goes black. It only lasts for a second before returning. It does not seem to correspond with ...

Remote in to build a service?

Has anyone had problems remoting in the build the service? I keep having issues with my screens being rearranged after remoting in to make the service. Hey Chris, What software are you using to remote into your computer? Also, do you have a Dedicated Graphics card on this computer? If so, can you confirm that ALL screens are connected to that one graphics card? Thanks, -Ryan I am using Team Viewer. The PC is a Media Shout PC my church bought from media shout. All the screens are plugged int...

PowerPoint Slideshow timer bug

When importing a PowerPoint show into a script, the advance time value is set to manual by default. If I set that value to Timed, I can set the timer value. However, the script plays each timed slide for 5 seconds, regardless of the timer value. While 5 seconds is consistent with the default value set in General Settings / Script / Auto-Advance Duration, is does not appear to be controlled by it. Changes to that setting does not change the reported behavior. The timing can be set for all pag...

Packing a script in MediaShout 7

What happened to the pack feature in MS 7? Do I not need to pack it anymore to save on a jump drive?
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