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All Monitors Going to Black Intermittently

We have Mediashout 6 running on a Windows 10 machine. Our setup is the program operation monitor, a confidence monitor and two display monitors at the front. We are experiencing the various monitors going black at different, seemingly random times. Sometimes it is just the monitor displaying the program, sometimes the confidence monitor, sometimes both. Less frequently the display monitors, either one, goes black. It only lasts for a second before returning. It does not seem to correspond with i...
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is anyone pleased with media shout 6?

I had to upgrade from 4 to 6 and found this program non intuitive, unresponsive and a royal pain in the but even after 60 plus days of use. Problems galore For the record, my experience of MS6 is very good, it far outstrips previous versions. The trick in learning about MS6 when coming from previous versions, I found, was to completely forget how you did things in previous versions and come to MS6 with no baggage from previous versions, it's easier to pick up that way. I did take some time to...

Remote in to build a service?

Has anyone had problems remoting in the build the service? I keep having issues with my screens being rearranged after remoting in to make the service. Hey Chris, What software are you using to remote into your computer? Also, do you have a Dedicated Graphics card on this computer? If so, can you confirm that ALL screens are connected to that one graphics card? Thanks, -Ryan I am using Team Viewer. The PC is a Media Shout PC my church bought from media shout. All the screens are plugged int...

PowerPoint Slideshow timer bug

When importing a PowerPoint show into a script, the advance time value is set to manual by default. If I set that value to Timed, I can set the timer value. However, the script plays each timed slide for 5 seconds, regardless of the timer value. While 5 seconds is consistent with the default value set in General Settings / Script / Auto-Advance Duration, is does not appear to be controlled by it. Changes to that setting does not change the reported behavior. The timing can be set for all pag...

Packing a script in MediaShout 7

What happened to the pack feature in MS 7? Do I not need to pack it anymore to save on a jump drive?
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Can't get Transition: Cut to work

Since the most recent update to MediaShout, the transition has defaulted to dissolve between cues. However, if I want to change it back to "Cut", it doesn't work. It dissolves like normal. I've tried setting the dissolve time to "0" which seems to cause it to go back to 3 for some reason. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Again, this is only between cues - not pages. I am able to set it to "Cut" and MediaShout saves this setting, but in practice, when you fire it - it does not cut. Hey ...

inserting pictures

What is the best size (dimensions) of a pic so that it fills the whole frame? Everyone I insert has to be resized by stretching my image, not good. If the pictures you are inserting are all in the same format (3x4 or 16x9) as you are presenting in, and in the same orientation (landscape), the ideal resolution would be the same as your Main Display, very likely 1280x720 (recommended 16x9) or 1024x768 (recommended 4x3). If you are entering one image per cue, you can avoid having to stretch to fit...

Remote Controls

I'm curious what remotes people have used to control the MediaShout presentations and who has had success stories. I've been tasked with finding a "clicker" that we can use. I was told that I probably want a FM modulated remote due to the distance between the pastor and the media computer. Any suggestions, opinions, advice?

Any known issues with MediaShout after upgrading to Win10 Release 1903?

We are currently running MediaShout V6.2.73. I am wondering if anyone has seen issues after updating to the latest Microsoft Win10 release (1903)? Hey there! We are currently on MediaShout 6.3.80. You can download and install that here (Under Legacy Versions): Once you get that updated, you may also need to update your codecs. Go through this article once you get updated to 6.3.80 to make sure everything is set correctly in Windows:

Media Shout Main Window Starts on Wrong Monitor "Behind Stage/Front Display"

I have had this several times lately where someone will turn off one of the main PC monitor (I have a couple monitors that are DisplayPort or HDMI) which causes the MS main window to jump to the next available monitor. The issue is that when it does this it ends up behind the Stage or Front display which by default has the content on it. now I am stuck because I cannot tab to or see the MS main window. ALT+F4 will close it but when I open it I see the MS window for a split second then the Black ...

MS 6 won't launch even with lic. code

We bought MS7 and installed it so our video person could train (they're volunteer, limited time - small church, no paid staff to do it otherwise) and keep using MS^ in the meanwhile. Well it all jammed up. Ryan told me both can't work at same time. So I go back, uninstall MS7, reinstall MS6, restart the pc. It asks for license code which I entered and it still won't activate - just puts a red letter "okay" under the first box for the code. ???????? I left tickets explaining this and am a MC-Plus...

Stage Display - Displaying Messages

Hi, I am trying to come up with the best way to use the Stage Display to send an "eye-catching" message to the Worship Leader or Pastor at the front of the church. I have been experimenting with doing a PowerPoint or video with bright yellow Blinking Text on a black background with a message such as "don't forget Kid's Church" or Don't forget the Offering". I don't want the congregation to see the message. Is this possible to achieve or is this the best way to get a similar message on the Stage ...

MS6 Default Bible Font Size

When I create a new default Bible template, everything saves except the font size. I save a cue the way I want it as the default, then restart MS. Background, alignment, font style, everything is saved, but it always reverts back to size 22 font (I want 32). Suggestions? Hey Katrina! When you change the Font Size to size 22, put your cursor into the middle of the text and then click Apply to Cue (next to the Font Size and Style). What sometimes happens is after you change the Font Size, your cu...

thumbnails for video files

In an older version of MS you used to be able to play back a video file and capture a moment to use as a thumbnail for the cue. I have a video file of a slideshow that starts with several seconds of black so the cue is black in the script. Is there a way to set a thumbnail in v.6? Hey Sal! There sure is. The key is to first get selected on that video within the middle Inline Editor. To do this, I usually try clicking on the very edge of the editing area to avoid the Text box and to select th...

How do you get support's attention for a Ver 6 problem that isn't being addressed?

Ticket UEF-XVYHW-917
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close without saving?

is it possible to close an open script without saving it or exiting the program? I have occasionally had more than one script open for comparison. Hey Lee, Yes, you can click the Red X next to the Script Name to close it out. This is found above the Script Area on the left side of MediaShout. When you click this X it will ask if you want to save it (if it wasn't already saved). You can click No if you don't want to save this script. Let me know if I am misunderstanding what you are trying to ...

How to use Ver 5 databases in Ver 6?

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Lyric Reporting

When I run the report it is always blank. I set calendar parameters. Am I missing something? A setting outside of this window? Thank you!! Hey Kristal! I did some testing with this on my side. Can you tell me what Dates you have set in the From: and To: fields? I found that if it is over 4 weeks or so, it won't show any results. Narrow it down to just a few weeks and you should get something to show. If not, please let me know! God Bless! -Ryan

Is there a way to change the QuickQue

I was just wondering if it is possible to change the quickque images? I would like to add our church logo as one of the quickques. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks I think you can right click on the cue to edit. Then drag and drop the picture you want. Save and return to script. Stu I just tried to drag and drop. No go. Use the change background instead. Stu Hey Jason! Yes, Stu is exactly right! You can drag and drop an existing cue from the script area on the left side of MediaS...

PowerPoint not playing well with new install

We are in the process of replacing our media PC. It is a clean install of Win 10 Pro, MediaShout 6 (currently in trail while I get the bugs worked out before going live) and Office 2010. This is the same as our current PC except moving from Win 7 to 10 and newer hardware. I have copied the My Shout and MediaComplete folders from the existing PC to keep my current library and bibles. The issue I am currently stuck on is that pptx files, when fired, open PowerPoint in the taskbar. Sometimes it wil...