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Multiple slides with text on stage screen only

I need to put text on the stage screen for multiple slides for the kids Christmas program. when I want it on the main screens, I "insert text" and copy and paste it in, then I tweek it. Is there a simple way to do that only on the stage screen? thanks

Setting Viewers

I am not able to save / keep the setting / "source" for the Main Viewers when I close Media Shout (6) and then reopen it. I am attempting to set them from the Settings tab. It defaults to Main and Stage (both are the same). I want to see Main and Main next. Thank you for any assistance. Hi Tom and Rhonda, Whenever you make a change to the layout of the MediaShout control screen, you must then save it as a Workspace to be able to use it in the future. Under the Settings Tab, you should see ...

Intel Workaround Question

We already spent money on a small form factor PC to run MS6. We were unaware of the issues with the Intel HD cards. We have scaling issues of course and have found a few ways to work around it, but it is very annoying. My question is does anyone have a suggestion on how to supplement the PC we already have to work with MS6. External video cards seem to be expensive and it's not possible to add a card in this box. My initial thought would be to use a USB>HDMI adapter, would this potentially ...

Media Shout Main Window Starts on Wrong Monitor "Behind Stage/Front Display"

I have had this several times lately where someone will turn off one of the main PC monitor (I have a couple monitors that are DisplayPort or HDMI) which causes the MS main window to jump to the next available monitor. The issue is that when it does this it ends up behind the Stage or Front display which by default has the content on it. now I am stuck because I cannot tab to or see the MS main window. ALT+F4 will close it but when I open it I see the MS window for a split second then the Blac...

is anyone pleased with media shout 6?

I had to upgrade from 4 to 6 and found this program non intuitive, unresponsive and a royal pain in the but even after 60 plus days of use. Problems galore For the record, my experience of MS6 is very good, it far outstrips previous versions. The trick in learning about MS6 when coming from previous versions, I found, was to completely forget how you did things in previous versions and come to MS6 with no baggage from previous versions, it's easier to pick up that way. I did take some time to...

Words cut off

I use mediashout 6.2.73 and most of the time the Bible verses get cut off at the right edge of the screen on the pc and on the projection, even though mediashout shows the words in the boundaries. Attached is a screen shot to show you what I mean. Can you tell me how to prevent this...other than going through all the scripture and hitting return to put the word on the next line...which I am doing now but sometimes I forget and then during the sermon the words are cut off. Hi Pastor Tim, I alre...

Insert Itune Audio and have it play continously through all cues

I inserted an ITUNE audio into a Lyric Script. The song will play only on the first cue, and fades out when I advance the cues to follow the words. How can I get the music to just play and continue, while I advance the cues to follow along with words sung? Thanks...A rookie who doesn't have a praise band...

Upgrading from MediaShout 2

Our church has MediaShout 2. We are currently looking into upgrading to version 6. Any suggestions on how our version 2 data can be migrated?

Stage display latency

Not a question but a discovery. Using the Control, Main and Stage displays with stage mirroring main I ran into the stage display being 1-2 seconds behind the main. Here's the thing, if you start the script and then choose <edit stage> and restart the script (without selecting <stop> first), the latency reduces to 1/2 second or less. If you need too, you can then select <edit main> and restart (again without using <stop>). The lag is still significantly reduced. I am curi...

Issue with third screen

OK guys - here is what we have. Normal three screen setup, with main control screen as the VGA output on nVidia 210 card. Projector as hdmi out on this same card, and stage displays as VGA output on a second identical card. It's been working fine, but just lately I can't access 3-display mode. The three displays all show correctly in windows, and my control screen is set as the primary screen for windows. I use the Media Shout tool to set up the displays, and that all works fine. I restart after...

Mediashout Crashing

We have very rarely been able to make it through a service without mediashout crashing. support has not been any help they just keep telling me to reinstall the codec pack even though I have done this multiple times. I have done everything I can think of I have reinstalled everything we even got a new computer i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB NVMe SSD, GTX 1050TI with the last update it deleted a good portion of our lyrics database luckily I have backups. Now when it crashes it is getting stuck as a system p...

thumbnails for video files

In an older version of MS you used to be able to play back a video file and capture a moment to use as a thumbnail for the cue. I have a video file of a slideshow that starts with several seconds of black so the cue is black in the script. Is there a way to set a thumbnail in v.6? Hey Sal! There sure is. The key is to first get selected on that video within the middle Inline Editor. To do this, I usually try clicking on the very edge of the editing area to avoid the Text box and to select th...

In Cue and Page Options "Apply to All Pages" is missing.

I am using Media Shout 6. I'd like to change just one page in a cue but cannot because all the pages change. Under Cue and Page options there should be "Apply to All Pages" but it is missing whether I use the toolbar or the shortcut from the yellow triangle on the page. Ronald, The Apply to Cue button is under the Home Tab on the ribbon when you are selected on a Main Text Box. It will not be available if you are selected on any other object (Reference Box, Background, Text Box, etc.). Can you ...

Compatibility with HDCast

Is MediaShout 6 for Windows compatible with Optoma's HDCast Pro so that we can project wirelessly? Hi Steve, We never recommend projecting wirelessly unfortunately. There are so many importing things that happen on a Sunday morning that you wouldn't want to rely on a wireless system. It simply isn't as reliable as a wired system. Please let us know if we can help answer anything further. God bless.

Media Shout looking for files

When I open Media Shout I see it looking for a bunch of files while it waits to open. The little notices are popping up really fast, but it looks like they are old announcement images from a year or more ago. I could not find where they were in the script anywhere, so I went into the script settings and set it to not open a default script but it still is searching for those files. I looked in "Script Properties" and "Missing Media" after it opened but nothing is in there. Any idea what would be ...

Manually advance announcement loops?

Is there a way to conveniently advance announcement slides manually from within an announcement loop? Here's what I've got set up: I've created several single-page cues and added them to the announcements library. I have two announcement loops, one that auto-advances and another that I would like to be able to manually advance. I've applied tags to the cues so they show up in the two different loops. The auto-advance loop works great through a script control. Using a script control for the manu...

Converting imported powerpoints to lyric files

Is there a convenient way to convert an imported ppt into a Lyric? We have 850+/- PPTX files with CCLI licensed sheet music in them. The sheet music consists of single-page jpg files (words and music) within each ppt. I have tested the process of creating new Lyrics and inserting the images one song at a time but, as you can imagine, this is a bit tedious (many songs are 20+ pages). We would like to make use of the power of MS's Lyric db to make it quicker/easier for our volunteers (and insulat...

Media Shout File Packing Solution

I have a user that was trying to pack a service. So I packed the file and tested it on her computer and found that some of the background were wrong. So I found the solution, while a rare case, would also improve performance to the Media Shout Program over all. The Script when packaged does not change.. the script should be recompiled and have the file locations changed from Static Location to Dynamic ones. A static path works great for programs that do not intend to move. (i.e. C:\file\location...

Keep getting "Recover new media" upon start up.

How can I get a clean startup?

Half of Screen Black.

We Just recently got a new computer and TV for our Kids area. I have set the resolution correctly according to the trouble shooting solutions. For every picture and video half the screen is black and the image shows up on the other half as if its been slid over. (I attached a picture) I can't seem to find anywhere that someone has had this same problem with a solution. I know Media Shout is the problem since I have used other programs and they work fine. I have even messed with the resolution se...