Media Shout File Packing Solution

Mar 26, 2018
Chris Wells wrote
I have a user that was trying to pack a service.

So I packed the file and tested it on her computer and found that some of the background were wrong.
So I found the solution, while a rare case, would also improve performance to the Media Shout Program over all.

The Script when packaged does not change.. the script should be recompiled and have the file locations changed from Static Location to Dynamic ones.
A static path works great for programs that do not intend to move. (i.e. C:\file\location\is\here)
Dynamic is better for files that are being moved constantly. (i.e. .\here )

From some testing I came to the conclusion your program first looks at the script location "C:\file\location\is\here"
Then it looks at the default location, "C:\Users\Default\Public\MediaShout\here"
Then it looks at the same location as the script ".\here"

In normal conditions this would work great, in this case, my user had 2 files with the same name, one being in the script location, and one in the default location. When it was run on the computer from another use that was editing the file from the packed location, it was loading the Default location not the Script location.

This is why I am suggesting to change the packed script to a Dynamic location, would solve this issue and maybe future issues.
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Mar 26, 2018
MediaShout Support agent wrote
Hey Chris! I appreciate the info so much. We have recently done some work on the way that packed script file searching is handled, and maybe even have some more in the works now. I'll run this by our quality manager and let him know so he can speak into what we may have already implemented and if it lines up with what you're suggesting. And if not we'd love to throw the idea in the hat. Thanks!
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Mar 27, 2018
Ben Wagner agent wrote

I think I understand what you are saying, but just to be sure we are on the same page, I would like you to review this article and get your thoughts.
Aug 28, 2018
Debra Bock wrote
MS5 always packed it to the file I designated with all of the backgrounds, powerpoints, videos I needed at that designated location. I created the script at my desk and used a designated MS public server to save it. I then went to our sanctuary building, opened up that script on the sanctuary computer and packed it locally to that computer. Worked like a charm so that nothing lagged or locked up the script. MS6 packing does not do that anymore. It has now rendered useless MS6 for me because it sends it back to the public server which is causing it to freeze and crash the script. John, you said that they were not going to redo MS6 packing, is that correct?
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Aug 28, 2018
Ben Wagner agent wrote
We made an update to the Packer feature to correct some issues with loading the thumbnails and script as well as refreshing the default script. Although scripts do load faster and we have corrected the other issues, we now realize our changes can cause issues for users who store media on a server.

The change to the Packer feature was to tell MediaShout, if it saw the media files in the original location to use them. This can cause issues it it is playing content from a server. So we are going to try and make it a hard rule for Packed and SSCX scripts that MediaShout will look no further than the Packed or SSCX scripts for the media files.

This should resolve the current Packer issues.
Aug 29, 2018
Debra Bock wrote
That sounds great! In the meantime, I can move what backgrounds (static as well as moving) that I need to the two local computers and work it that way. I appreciate you looking into this and looking for a solution!!! (thumbs up!)