Dec 15, 2019
Dean wrote
I guess this is more of a whine than a question. I have been trying to adapt to MS7 for a couple of months now. I do like the layout and some of the new functionality, however, this program is missing so much from MS6. Changing Bible versions on the fly, double click to activate a cue (I know it is there in presenter mode) , my whole song library that was years in the making, and stability. Yes, stability. 7 seems to randomly stop working like it is saving changes, but there have been no changes. The last two weeks, I save the presentation, come back on Sunday, open it up and all of the cues are formatted differently, shrunk and stuck up in the top left corner. Some cues stay the same, but not all. That's a great surprise when you find one in the middle of the service. And then, it crashes. Just randomly, for no apparent reason. I will be attending to other things while displaying a placeholder and then come back to run the next song and oh, decided to crash while you weren't looking. So, Going back to 6 for a while. After all of that, here is my question....

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Dec 16, 2019
MediaShout Support agent wrote
I would be happy to help you every way possible. I'm so sorry about the experience you've had so far. I'd encourage you to be sure and get the latest update if you haven't, as we released one last week or so that addresses some major stability issues. We are still exploring a few less common and random ones, but the largest part of any regular crashing issues have been fixed in that update. Also, improvements were made to performance in general and it may address some of the issues you're seeing with resizing of cues. There wasn't a known issue with that, but I'm wondering if maybe the difference in building in the newly improved environment will ensure things like that do not happen again after you get content built on the new updated version. Regarding the song library- you should absolutely be able to bring in the old songs, but the formatting/backgrounds will need to be replaced, unfortunately. Let me know if you need info on how to get them imported. There are some longer term things we wish to add which will eventually be even more versatile than Version 6 when it comes to doing things on the fly, like a quick Bible cue and Lyric library plugin for the right of the screen, and the ability to change a scripture passage from an existing cue like Version 6 has. I hear where you're coming from for sure, as it doesn't make sense to "remove features." To explain that a little bit- it's not that features were removed, it's just that they haven't been developed yet on the brand new platform. Version 6 had code in it that was carried forward all the way from MediaShout 3 and the platform was aging and becoming obsolete in many areas. While it did a lot of things, it was limited in future potential as it couldn't be added to anymore. Version 7 was built on a completely new framework and environment, not carrying ANY code forward. Ultimately, it will allow us to go much further than we could have in the past, but admittedly, at this very moment it is more basic/streamlined with less of the more advanced or more specific feature sets some users have come to rely on. I really do apologize if it's not meeting your needs at the moment. Especially since it's very subjective from user to user, I can't really advise a specific timeframe when I think it will be better than 6 for you and your unique situation. But I can definitely say we're working as hard as possible to get features added ASAP, and the last of ANY crashing issues resolved, though this latest update makes major strides in that stability area. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Dec 19, 2019
Dean wrote
From the discussions on the forums that I have seen, I am guess that you and your colleagues have written quite a few responses like that lately. I think that it boils down to this, MS7 may have been released too early. I would also love it if I could talk these problems through with you but, I only have time to work on this stuff in the evenings and weekends. Sometimes I am setting the script up on Sunday morning. (that is always fun) :) I am sure that you will continue to improve 7 and I look forward to it. For now, I have to go back to 6 due to the crashes and so that I can get videos back on the stage screen for Christmas programs.

Merry Christmas to you all!
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Dec 23, 2019
MediaShout Support agent wrote
Thanks for your time and input. Believe it or not, it has been relatively little the amount of trouble we've had out of this version compared to just about all of our previous releases. There was a period of a few weeks where things were rough because of some surprise issues, but for the most part, it hasn't been that bad for us or the users. With that said, we don't accept anything less than what we can stand behind as being the best presentation software out there for churches and we will keep working toward that.

Regarding the support options and times- the standard free support is available in the business hours on weekdays, but you may consider a Plus Membership if you haven't, as it helps us fund extra support and provides those avenues for you. Plus Members can schedule calls up to 8pm Eastern on some weeknights and have access to Sunday morning live chat support now from 9am to 11am EST, but in January, we'll start doing 8am to 11am EST.

With all that said, I'm glad you have a solution for Christmas in Version 6. We'll keep at it, and we'll be here for you until Version 7 meets your needs and after.

Merry Christmas!