Media Shout Main Window Starts on Wrong Monitor "Behind Stage/Front Display"

Nov 26, 2018
Jon Wheeler wrote
I have had this several times lately where someone will turn off one of the main PC monitor (I have a couple monitors that are DisplayPort or HDMI) which causes the MS main window to jump to the next available monitor. The issue is that when it does this it ends up behind the Stage or Front display which by default has the content on it. now I am stuck because I cannot tab to or see the MS main window. ALT+F4 will close it but when I open it I see the MS window for a split second then the Black overlay covers it again because it relaunches on the incorrect screen. I am running a 3 display setup Monitor 1 is my main Edit window 29" UW dell, monitor 2 is my stage display, and monitor 3 is my Front display. I would expect that the setting for the main display should be used at startup not the last window position as it does today. about the best way i have found to fix this is I made a backup of the Registry Key for MS and I close MS then merge that backup back into the registry then open MS and it will be back to the correct screen. I have tried software to move the program to the main monitor, that is problematic as it moves all the windows for the program which has a similar result except then all three are on one also big issue.

This is on MS 6.2 latest update I will be updating to MS 6.3 soon, but doubt this will fix the issue.

Anyone else have these issues and have a better solution?

Aaron or support team is this something that could get added to a future build so it always launches on the designated screen like the stage and fronts do?
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Nov 27, 2018
Ryan Zeeck agent wrote
Hey Jon!

I am sorry to hear about the issues you have been having. For this type of situation, the Display Setup Tool can be really handy. Below is a link to download this Display Setup Tool. Then, you will run it with MediaShout CLOSED to set the screens correctly before launch. Then, when you open MediaShout, everything should open correctly.

Please let me know if you continue to have trouble with this.