Media Shout 6 Freezes

May 03, 2018
Tony Valentine wrote
Why does the media shout program freezes up about half way through our services. It has started doing this for the last 4 services
1 Answer
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May 04, 2018
MediaShout Support agent wrote
I'm sorry about the trouble you're having.

The top causes of crashing in order would be:

1) Using Powerpoint that is incompatible after Microsoft updates

Unfortunately due to Microsoft Updates to Office over the last year, any newer version of Office (anything 365, or 2013/2016/2017 for instance) has been rendered virtually incompatible with Mediashout. For now Powerpoint 2010 seems to work okay and we recommend using it if possible for integrating the Powerpoints. We have seen this cause crashing, odd display sizing issues, blacking out the screen, getting stuck on the Powerpoint and not advancing to cues after that, etc. We have reached out to Microsoft for help and they are not willing to work with us to change the features that they updated which we formerly used to integrate Powerpoint. It affects all versions of Mediahout and even other unrelated software that integrated with Powerpoint as well. The good news is our developers have a feature allowing you to import the slides into Mediashout. It will convert them to simple stills and insert them into a cue for you. The caveat is it doesn't have transitions and animations from the original Powerpoint, but it does look and behave exactly as it's supposed to. We hope to add the capability to bring in those animations and even layers, and have the ability to edit Powerpoints inside Mediashout in the future. We aren't there yet but that's what we're working towards. For now to use that function, just go to Insert Elements and choose *Import Slideshow* INSTEAD of going to the plain Slideshow command.

2) Video Codecs Need to be Installed or Reinstalled

In this case, Most likely your computer did a Windows update and your "codecs" need to be reinstalled, or if this is the first time you’re trying inserting videos, it could be that they haven’t been installed yet. Follow this link and the instructions specifically and you'll be up and running. This link works for all versions of MediaShout and all versions of Windows. Your codecs are the recipe on how Windows plays your videos in MediaShout.

Please make sure to follow every single step in red specifically to ensure that your codecs are installed correctly. If you begin installation and you see that “Upgrade” or “Quick Update” is checked, please uncheck and continue forward.

This version works for ALL Mediashout versions.

3) The system configuration needs to be looked at or possibly the system or a part of it is incompatible

Make sure and follow the steps on this article for correct screen setup and resolution settings:

Make certain your displays are all connected into the back of your computer into the video card and NOT to the built in graphics up at the top into the motherboard. The video card will typically be lower and down toward the bottom of the computer horizontally in one of the slots.

And be sure your computer has a dedicated graphics card like Nvidia or AMD and NOT just Intel HD or Intel Iris graphics. Also be sure the video card driver is up to date within the last month or two. Do that directly on the video card manufacturer website like or and NOT using the Windows update driver button.

Other than that I would try creating a brand new fresh script as if a script gets reused week to week to week then it can get corrupt data built up.