MS7 Performance Issues

Feb 16, 2020
Lyle Harp wrote
MS7 runs very slow. I just totally rebuilt my machine starting with a reinstall of WIndows 10, and clean install of MS7. After doing that, I found that MS7 ran a good bit faster. After importing my Cue Library, it now runs considerably slower.

Launch MS7: 46 seconds
Open a script (after MS7 is launched): 1 min 4 seconds
Switch to Presenter mode: 15 seconds
Save a cue: 1 min 24 seconds

I have 64 cues in my cue library, most with video (motion) backgrounds. The total CuesLibrary file size is 1.8GB

I saw a suggestion that we should not backgrounds with the cues. I don't see where it is an option to not save the background,. Also, how do I delete the backgrounds from the cues currently in my library? Quite frankly, I spend a good bit of time selecting appropriate backgrounds for my cues. I don't want to delete them.

Why doesn't MS7 just create a link to my graphics files rather than storing them with the cues? If the file gets deleted or moved (or the presentation is moved), just display a blank background. While this would be an inconvenience, I would be no worse off than if I had to delete my backgrounds before I save the cues. In fact, I would not not even notice it 98% of the time. But the way it is now, MediaShout is very slow, and will probably become totally unusable when I have 100 or more cues. Just for reference, I had over 600 cues in MS6.

The problem is definitely not a hardware issue. I have a 3.2Ghz machine with a 500 GB NVMe SSD. There isn't any more hardware i could throw at this issue.
1 Answer
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Feb 17, 2020
MediaShout Support agent wrote
I would be happy to help you. I hear you on this. There are tweaks to the way the cues library saves files which will hopefully be implemented in the next update which should show drastic improvements. I can't verify this in detail, but in theory, it will begin saving the cues as individual files in a folder, making up the cues library, as opposed to trying to write the files into and pull them out of one single database file for the cues library. This should make it faster and more reliable. From what I know, it also does have a way to get the existing cues into that kind of arrangement as well. I don't know exactly when it will be released, but we are hoping for it ASAP. You could test then and let us know what kind of performance you see. Thank you for your patience and understanding.