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May 20 (23 days ago)
Jeff Hastings wrote
Our computer died and along with it all our saved hymns and choruses in our Song Library. It will literally take years to add all these songs again. Would anyone be willing to share your library with us? Jeff
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May 21 (22 days ago)
Ben Wagner agent wrote
Hey Jeff!

By default, we only have a lyric database of 283 songs. We do have additional lyrics available for download here: https://support.mediashout.com/150053-Additional-Lyrics-for-MediaShout-6 and I always recommend a subscription to SongSelect as well for these cases (www.songselect.com)

There may be users on this forum that can help too!

I do also know that there is a Facebook user group with loads of people looking for friendly help, suggestions, etc. If you have Facebook, search for that user group which may help out a lot too!

Thanks, Let me know if you have any more questions.

-Ben Wagner, Customer Support and Sales