Cue Library - Ability to Create Cue Types

Feb 07, 2020
Nick Oehler wrote
Hey Guys,

I'm moving toward MS7 from MS6 and the journey has been going well. Hitting a few bumps along the way that your Support Team is able to resolve quickly. Thanks!

Within the Cue Library of MS7, it looks like cues are automatically assigned to a type ie, All, General, Lyric, and Bible. Is there a plan to be able to allow the user to create their own specific que types? This would provide for less clutter when pulling in cues.

For Worship, we have a few dozen "current songs" and about 100 more songs that do get used from time to time. Having the ability to leverage user define Cue Types would also be helpful if your church has different styles of service where Hymns as played at one service and more modern songs are played at another or when you want to have Christmas and Easter songs and use seasonal backgrounds. Of course you would need the ability to assign multiple cue types to a que as well as provide a way to administer que types. The search feature does work however the user needs to know the title of the song or a word contained in the song's title.


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Feb 07, 2020
Ben Wagner agent wrote
Hey Nick!

Thanks for reaching out today! That's a great suggestion and is one that I personally have not heard be considered with the cues library before! I'll happily pass it along to some colleagues of mine, and see what they think! I do know that we're always looking for new and improved features so this is definitely helpful!

Thanks again! God bless.

-Ben Wagner, MediaShout Support and Sales