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Feb 23, 2018
Defenders39 wrote
Hi, I just got all of our tech up and running to be able to use the MediaShout stage display feature. I know that the stage display displays the current words as well as the first line of the next "slide." Is there a way to make the stage display just show the entire text of the next "slide" or would I have to do that all manually? I've played around with the views and their properties, but I haven't found anything that allows me to do that.
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Feb 23, 2018
Ryan Zeeck agent wrote

Thank you for your question! To accomplish this, it would require that you manually type this is on the Stage Display. To do this, click Edit Stage and put your cursor into the text box within the Inline Editor. Then, highlight any text and delete it. Then, you can begin typing (or copy/paste) the text into the text box on this page.

The Stage Data that you are referring to only has the ability to grab the first line of the next page. Because of this, it wouldn't be possible to have MediaShout pull over the enter next page.

Let me know if you need assistance with this.

Thanks and God Bless,

Ryan Zeeck
Aug 31, 2018
Hi, question about v5:
For the stage text items: the “next line” of my slides are chords so the stage item 2 is not helpful because it pulls the up the chords not words and if I try to add the words for the next line myself it copies to every other slide.
I either need to have a Stage text 3 widget that pulls the 2nd line of data or the ability to create my own text box. What would you suggest?
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Sep 04, 2018
Ryan Zeeck agent wrote

Thanks for your question! As of July 2018, we no longer offer any Free Support for this version. If you would like to join our Plus Membership (, that would give you support for your version of MediaShout once more.

I can go ahead and tell you that creating your own text box would be the way to go. Or, just backspace the text that is currently in there and type your own manually. There is no way to pull anything but the first line of the next page automatically.

I hope this helps!