Split display problem

Oct 09, 2018
mpwillis wrote
We recently purchased a new Windows 10 laptop to run Mediashout 5. After installing the program on the laptop, we're having display problems. When we run Mediashout, the projected image is split between our Windows desktop and Mediashout - see attached photo. The laptop is Windows 10. The Windows display settings are set to extended desktop. The problem only occurs in Mediashout; PowerPoint works fine. Any troubleshooting tips or suggestions?

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Oct 09, 2018
mpwillis wrote
I can't upload the JPG, but the Windows desktop appears on the left half of the projection screen, and MediaShout appears on the right half. Both images are cropped.

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Oct 09, 2018
Ben Wagner agent wrote


Thank you for contacting us. This ARTICLE should help.

Keep in mind, you have submitted a support request for a product that is no longer supported. This means we will no longer be able to respond with a solution for you with our standard support options. If you need assistance beyond this reply, you may consider upgrading your product to a newer version to receive standard support, or if you’d like to receive support on your existing product, you can get it with a MediaShout Plus Membership.

How Do I Receive Support?

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Notice: Version 4 & 5 Activations Shutting Down

You will also need to know our third-party licensing company is shutting down old servers, so you will no longer be able to activate or reactivate MediaShout 5 after January 15, 2019.

Version 5 Special Pricing:

Until January 15, 2019, our active Version 5 users can purchase the upgrade for $169.

If you already own and use MediaShout 6, you will not be affected by this change. We highly recommend moving to Version 6 with the special offer if you have not already so that you will be able to activate/reactivate as needed.

Oct 12, 2018
mpwillis wrote
Thank you! Resizing the DPI to 125% fixed the problem.