Missing Stanza titles

Sep 16, 2019
Charles Hilton wrote
Hi, just moved over to version 7 & at present, I wouldn't want to go live on a Sunday morning.
There seems to be a lot missing from V6.
Can anyone tell me how to insert reference tokens? It was easy in V6 but can't see how to do in V7.
Regards to all
3 Answers
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Sep 16, 2019
MediaShout Support agent wrote
I would be happy to help you every way possible. I'm sorry you are missing that feature! We do plan to implement it very soon, and our development team is working on it (and even better ways to do it than in V6). Currently though, you'd need to manually enter any song info you'd like to show, that is not shown already on the copyright footer object that is available on lyrics for instance.
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Sep 26, 2019
Susan Bush Taylor wrote
Where is this copyright footer?

And if I wanted to enter a song title page how could I do it? The only way I can find to do it now is to add a page after I have the song added to my presentation, move that page to the first position and add a text box.

I would not think it would be that hard for your programmers to just add a title page where all the other lyric pages are ie: verse, chorus, interlude, ending, etc.

I really don't like Mediashout 7. (We had been using MS 4.5, which was simple to use.) Like most programs that are redone they become less user friendly and this one is too. If the program is difficult for me to use, how am I going to teach less computer oriented people how to use it. I wish now we would of saved our money and just used PowerPoint.
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Sep 30, 2019
MediaShout Support agent wrote
Hey Susan!

If you put in a song with default settings, the footer will exist on the pages of the song, but not be set to visible. So if you insert a song into your script then look in the "Layers" tab on the right, you'll see there is an object with the eyeball toggled to off. It may have a preview line showing the title of the song, etc. If you toggle the eyeball button on in the layers tab, you'll see it appear at the bottom of the page. Then you can right click it in the middle editor and "copy" it. Then if you use the + button on the cue to make a new page, just right click on the editor and "paste" and it will paste that object. You can then turn it off on the page you copied it from, using the eyeball button, if you don't want it there. The concept is the same as you're doing though, just adding a page and adding a text box. But you can copy and paste that object to save some time with any other info you want besides the title.

Alternatively, if you want it to be on EVERY lyric page of the song, you can toggle a switch to "SHOW" instead of "HIDE" for copyright reference object when you're actually on the insert lyric window before you put the song into your script.

Honestly most people didn't use the title page function so it wasn't as high priority in the beginning, but we do realize the need for it and are working on implementing it after a few higher priority features are done. The title page would have to also pull in information from various fields stored with the song in the library, so that's the more complicated part than just adding it as an option to have in the selection-- is it has those varying fields that would be different for each song.

I definitely understand and respect your opinion on MediaShout 7 Vs. MediaShout 4, but for every opinion like this, we hear even more people who think the opposite, that it's much simpler and easier now with the new version. But rest assured, we will continue to hone in and improve things to it's even better going forward, based on user feedback.

Regarding Powerpoint, even if MediaShout 4 was completely out of the picture, just going head to head with Powerpoint clearly shows the benefits of your investment in the new MediaShout version over that: https://www.mediashout.com/mediashout-vs-powerpoint-the-ultimate-showdown/