Setting up default cue settings

Sep 09, 2017
Jon Cooke wrote
I'm setting up Mediashout 5 on a laptop after our previous machine broke down. I am having a few issues with the following:

1. Default cue settings for song lyrics and Bible - I want to set a new default font to Corbel size 34. This is what we have used for ages. I set this up on a song cue, saved the template as a new one and then set it as the default template for all songs. However, the font keeps resetting to Arial and resizing to 36. The same thing happens with the Bible template I've set up. Can you explain to me why this happens and how to stop it.

2. All song lyrics cues have a title page with the song title and copyright information on it. We have always found these unnecessary and, frankly, irritating. I removed it from the playlist on the first cue when setting up my Default Template, presuming it would be removed from all other cues once the new template was applied. Alas, this is not the case. I would really prefer not to have to go through each song systematically and remove these pages manually as we have a database of over 2000 songs. Can you explain how to remove these completely for all cues please.

Thank you

Jon Cooke
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Sep 09, 2017
MediaShout Support agent wrote
I'd be happy to help. The best way to do what you are wanting is indeed to use templates. You can make a template and set it as default. However, songs are unique because when you pull a song up, it pulls up from the last version saved to your library-- it does NOT just manually apply a default template which would overwrite or ignore the actual data you've saved to it with the library. Now if you've never used the song before so it doesn't have any other template information, it may pull in the default template. But in most cases-- you'd just need to pick a template upon inserting a lyric (you can do it on the top left corner of the cue editor window so it's just one or two clicks. Then that lyric should be saved to your library, and next time you use it, it's already ready to go.

As far as the title page, I agree and personally do not use the title page in my ministry, although there are plenty of churches who do. To get rid of it you'd basically delete it from the play order on the left of the cue editor in the play order. (Right click it and click delete). Then save your template after that by going to the down arrow in the top left in the template selector, clicking save template, then do make default if you like from that same menu. Now when you load that template it should take the title page away too.

I understand where you're coming from on the materials for Mediashout 5. Official support will end for that version in summer of 2018. We still do have plenty of material if you look in our Knowledge Base on You can get the user guide here:

David May
Sep 10, 2017
Jon Cooke wrote
Hi David

I did all of that and still the problems persist. Every song now has a uniform background. However, the font changes I made have not carried over onto the template and I am still getting title pages appearing. I know it is possible for font changes and other alterations to be carried over because I've done it previously but I can't remember if there is something else I need to do. I am becoming increasingly frustrated.

Any suggestions?

Sep 10, 2017
Jon Cooke wrote
Also, what settings would you commend for outlines and shadows? We had a great set up on our previous laptop but I can't remember what they were.
Sep 11, 2017
MediaShout Support agent wrote
Hey John!

My only thought for why the text wouldn't save is-- make sure you're clicking the Apply to Cue button directly after you make any font setting changes. This makes sure the whole cue has the desired setting and thus will be saved to the template when you save it. If not, the template may malfunction if there is conflicting info somewhere in the cue on an alternate font setting or size for instance.

I'm not sure what could be happening on the title page. Are you deleting it by going to the Main Object tab then right clicking it in the list on the top left and clicking delete? Make sure you are, and then try resaving the template again, also after making sure of the apply to cue button.

For font settings, it is really subjective but I'll share my personal preference here:

For a basic font like Arial at 28 size on a standard widescreen resolution of 1920x1080 for example, I prefer something like Shadow - Black, angle at 325, at Offset of 3, FX blur of 3, and FX Opacity of 70.