Planning Center Integration

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Jun 17 (7 months ago)
Ron Johnson wrote
How do you integrate planning center as you could on earlier versions. This is very important to us and saves much time. Also, where do you put the ccli number as is required? I also read that you support Alpha channel for going to a LiveStream. Where would I find this? I do like being able to mirror the front screen to the stage at any time. The missing features though make this version almost unusable for us. (like not being able to import our songs with formatting and backgrounds)
1 Answer
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Jun 17 (7 months ago)
Ryan Zeeck agent wrote
Hey Ron!

The integration with PCO is still being worked on for MediaShout 7. We hope to have it implemented soon. I apologize for that.

MediaShout actually doesn't do any Alpha/Chroma keying or anything g like that. That is all done through the streaming software/mixer.

I hope this helps!