MediaShout 7 User Configuration Tools

If you find the need to reset MediaShout 7's user configuration settings, this tool will do the job for you.

Some reasons you may need to do this may be if you are having difficulty launching MediaShout 7, or it does launch but your screen settings are invalid so it covers the screens with black, or other various issues.

*This tool will NOT remove any of your scripts, saved cues in the Cues Library, or lyric database information. It will ONLY reset the configuration settings.

To use the Config Delete Tool, download using the link below and simply double click the file. Then, next time you launch MediaShout, you'll be launching with default settings. [Administrator privileges are required to run this tool.]

Config Delete Tool


If MediaShout 7 is failing to launch at all, or opening to the splash screen and then stopping, the following tool may resolve this problem. The issue is caused by the configuration files being present, but missing required information. The Config Cleanup Tool will only remove bad configuration files and does nothing else. You will be notified when it's finished if any bad files were found and removed. No functional configuration files (or any other files) will be removed by this tool, so it is completely safe to try if you are having problems. [Administrator privileges are required to run this tool.]

Config Cleanup Tool


If neither of these options work, please email to let us know!