Moving pages between cues

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Jul 10 (9 months ago)
Grace Fellowship AV wrote
Hi, 2 questions:

Is it possible to move pages to and from different cues with having to recreate the page from scratch? For example if I want to use a page from my announcement cue and put it into a separate scrolling announcement cue that plays before the service begins, how would I do that? My best guess for a work-around is to export the page as an image, which leads me to my next question...

When I have attempted to export a page as an image (either .jpg or .png) it only saves the upper left portion of the it. (I've attached an example.) I am able to save the whole page as a pdf, but it squishes it vertically. What am I missing? How can I save the whole page as an image?

Thank you,
1 Answer
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Jul 13 (9 months ago)
Brandon Hadley agent wrote
Hello Wendy,
You would want to right-click on the page and click copy. Then go to the other cue and right-click and paste. That will work successfully. Let us know if that helps resolve your issue.