Importing User Settings After Installing Early Builds of v7.3.4

Importing previous version settings with MediaShout v7.3.4

If you previously installed either 7.3.4 b27813 or 7.3.4 b27915, your settings for v7.3.3 will not have been imported during that process. We added that ability to 7.3.4 b28116 and later. You can follow these steps to take advantage of the new Settings Import feature. [This process is ONLY necessary and helpful in this one unique situation and does not apply to any other situation. These steps remove any user settings that were created by v7.3.4 or higher, so only follow these steps if you have an existing installation of v7.3.4 (or higher) and you need to remove the user settings. This will NOT alter or remove any user settings from v7.3.3 or earlier versions of MediaShout because those settings are stored elsewhere. If you are unclear what 'user settings' means, see More Information below.]


  1. Download the most recent update to MediaShout 7 for Windows to your computer: MediaShout Downloads
  2. Uninstall your current MediaShout 7.3.4 ( or
  3. Remove the user settings from the registry that were already created by the previous 7.3.4 installation using one of the methods listed here:
    1. Download and run this User Settings removal tool. Once it's downloaded, just double-click it, Allow it, and click Yes and Yes and it will be finished very quickly. NOTE: Because this is a Windows registry key, your security settings or software may not allow you to download this. If not, please use another method listed here.
    2. You can alternatively type or paste the following command within PowerShell when run as an administrator: 
      1. Remove-Item HKCU:\SOFTWARE\MediaShout -Recurse
    3. Or, you can type or paste the following command within a Command Prompt when run as an administrator:
      1. reg delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MediaShout
  4. Locate the update that you downloaded in step 1 and install it. Your settings from MediaShout 7.3.3 will be imported during the installation process, and when you open MediaShout after installation your user settings will be present.

If you have any issues with this process, or if you have questions, please reach out to our support team for assistance. Thanks!

More Information:

In previous versions of MediaShout 7, the user settings were stored in a user.config file in a couple different locations on your computer. The user settings includes any information or options that you select in the Settings menu under the General, Library, Display, or Remote tabs. They also include the list of files which show up under File > Open Recent Script and which appear in the Welcome Screen. (Keep in mind that those file lists are only a record of which scripts you opened, not the actual files themselves. If a file is not shown in the 'Recent' list, that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist -- only that it isn't 'remembered' any longer and you will need to locate and open it wherever it is stored.)

There have been a few random issues with the user.config files becoming corrupted, and that method of storing the settings was somewhat limiting. Beginning with 7.3.4 we are using the Windows Registry to store user settings. This allows each user account to have their own settings, it opens up some new possibilities for future feature development, and it should be a more reliable and quick way to store and retrieve the user settings.