How I stopped packing files and am always in sync

Dec 23, 2018
Mike Hedman wrote
I've recently switched how I "pack" my files from my home computer to my church computer. This should work for anyone who has only one person creating and updating scripts. It likely wont work if you have a bunch of people working on scripts.

A little history, I've used the built in dropbox sync, my own version of drop box syncing, and now I use Google's Drive File Stream. For the drop box, it was okay. The problem that I kept running into was that last minute changes to lyrics, etc, caused me to have to open and save the files on my home computer, and often I'd be too busy and forget. The next time we'd used the song, my home computer was out of date...

Recently google release their Drive file stream. Amazing stuff! DFS actually mounts as a physical drive letter on your system.
I moved all my images, backgrounds, script save files, and most importantly, the song db location to that physical drive.

That means all the references to images, etc, if you use the drive are all correct. And no matter what computer you have DFS installed on, as long as the Google drive letter is the same, the references will work.

Note, I have the google for non profits (yes churches count! Gmail, custom domain for your gmail, and all the other benefits of Google Business), so I have the Team Drive. That allows multiple users to login and have access to a shared drive. If you don't have that, you just have to log in with a common account on all computers to have access.

How to setup:
Save folder: G:\Team Drives\Tech Drive\MediaShout\Scripts
Packer Location: G:\Team Drives\Tech Drive\MediaShout\Packed
Songs Library: G:\Team Drives\Tech Drive\MediaShout\Song Library\songs5.mdb

I store all images, background, and videos: G:\Team Drives\Tech Drive\MediaShout\Media\Backgrounds

Since Media Shout stores everything inside the script as a hard location, and since everything is pointing to the "G" drive, the references to the songs, images, etc, are all correct.

NOTE: This works for me. Do not hold me responsible if this doesn't work for you. If multiple people use the script at the same time, you could have issues with syncing the songs library. Not recommended.

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Dec 23, 2018
MediaShout Support agent wrote
This is an amazing concept, and just from reading, I can see how it would work very well! If a user is comfortable with how it works like you are, I'd see no issues with recommending it.

Of course, officially we'd have to test and confirm we're getting good results as well before officially suggesting it for the masses (if it doesn't work, a lot of the troubleshooting would be on the Google side). But honestly, this looks great and is very helpful. If anyone else tries it, feel free to chime in.

Thanks so much for sharing!