projection screen

Jul 21, 2018
vito terrasas wrote
When I build a new media cue and I add my video file when I click to play it in the main program window it is displayed as a split screen showing the same slide twice. So when I project it to my second screen it does the same thing. So now you can no longer read the lyrics instead you just see half of the lyrics because it is split screen.
1 Answer
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Jul 23, 2018
Ryan Zeeck agent wrote

This is an easy fix. Within MediaShout 6, go to Settings > General Settings > Displays and UNCHECK Enable Multi Output Mode. Then, click Apply and Ok. Save, close and reopen that script and you should be able to fire it to the screen without it duplicating. You may want to show this to your Team. It should always be UNCHECKED for normal display use.