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Allow transition duration to be lower than a whole second

In MS5 I could set a transition duration to the 1/10's place of a second (i.e. 0.5 sec), however MS6 appears to only allow whole seconds. Please bring this back! And also please fix the input box as it appears to accept to the 1/100's place but it doesnt actually do it. This is especially an issue when in a fast paced song and a 1sec transition duration can't keep up. I think the latest build of MS6 addresses this, but not completely IMO. The input box for the transition time behaves a bit oddl...
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Drag Lyrics into Script from Insert Lyric Window/Insert Multiple Songs at Once

We would like to have the ability to open the lyric window, then drag songs right from the library list into the script. This might be helpful also to insert multiple songs into the script and only having to open the insert lyric window once, as opposed to having to go back into the Insert Lyric window and click "insert" again for each and every song.
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Default Bible Translation

We would like to be able to add several versions of the Bible to our library and choose one version as our default. It seems that the only way to do that currently is to add the default version last. If there is already a way to do this, I'd love to know. Thanks! Actually, the current "default" Bible is the one that is at the top of the list Alphabetically. We are planning on adding an option that will let you set the default in a future build. Thanks! This seems to be one of the areas where M...
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Audio playlist

When starting Audio Playlist and choosing from the list of CD titles, then clicking on the track to start and click play button, that track is highlighted. However, as the subsequent tracks are played, the first choice remains highlighted and it's not always obvious which track is being played. Could it be possible that the track being played could be highlighted making it easy to determine at a glance which track is being played. This did happen in MS5. Thanks. Graham, I have added this to...
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