medialook icon on videos

Dec 27, 2018
Terrinbfc wrote
I just upgraded to V6 from V5. Many of my moving backgrounds and service opener videos have a medialooks icon on them. How do I remove the icon?
1 Answer
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Dec 27, 2018
Ryan Zeeck agent wrote

If you are seeing this watermark, it is likely because of the way your Codecs are setup. To fix the “MediaLooks” watermark issue, please do the following:

With MediaShout closed, go to your start button and type “tweak” to open the Codec Tweak Tool. On the right side, click Preferred Splitters. On the left column, make sure that .mp4 and .mov sections are set to LAV Splitter. Click Apply and Close and then Exit. Then, reopen MediaShout and look at the screens at the front to verify the watermark is gone (You will still see it show INSIDE the program, but not on the screen at the front).

If you want to remove it from showing INSIDE the program, you can delete the contents of the C:\ProgramData\MediaComplete\MediaShout 6\Thumbnails folder and then reopen MediaShout.

If you do not have the Codec Tweak Tool when searching for “tweak”, you can install them here:

I hope this helps!