Issue installing King James Bible Version.

Nov 04, 2018
Steve Wilson wrote
We recently had a sharing violation issue in Lyric.dat & Bible.dat.
Thanks to Fran Grast for asking that same question in August 2018.

During this process the King James bible version has disappeared. I have went through the process several times to install it again. Each time I get a successful finish but the King James version will not show up as a selectable option. According to "about Mediashout / check for updates" I am running the current version of Mediashout 5, Build 5.2.118.

How do I fix this issue (Pastor ain't happy)?

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Nov 06, 2018
Ryan Zeeck agent wrote
Hey Steve!

The Sharing Violation Errors can be fixed by doing the following:

Go to c:\programdata\mediacomplete\mediashout5 (If you do not see a "programdata" folder, Windows has hidden it. Simply go to a Windows search field (right click on your start button and select Search, or simply click the start button and begin typing) and type "%programdata%" then hit your enter key). Once in this folder, delete all .dat and .tmp files. Then, go into the Twitter folder and do the same thing.

Then, send me an email ( and I can attach the KJV Bible and show you where to put it so you can use it within MediaShout again.


-Ryan Zeeck
Nov 07, 2018
Steve Wilson wrote
Thank you for your response, Ryan.

Ultimately I did a search for bible.dat, opened in the folder and found the bible library folder. I discovered 2 files for KJV. One showing 1KB dated 10/28/2018, the other showing more than 5000KB dated 11/05/2018. I deleted the file showing 1KB and KJV was back.

We are not happy with Mediashouts decision to extort funds to provide support for their software after 30 days. 3 years ago when we bought Mediashout 5 (first time user) support was advertised much differently. The support issue (or lack there of) seems to be the biggest reason recent reviews are 1 star on several websites. Difficult to swallow for a small church after spending $400.

Mediashout 5 is awesome when it functions as it is meant to function.

Thank you again Ryan for your response.

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Nov 07, 2018
Ryan Zeeck agent wrote
Hey Steve,

Oh, great. I'm glad to hear that!

Extort Funds? I'm not sure I follow.. I didn't mention anything about needing to purchase support... Every Software has a life cycle and MediaShout 5 was fully supported from early 2013 until mid 2018. We just ended the Free Support for this version. But, as you can see, we still offer support when our Customer's need it.

Please let me know if there is anything further I can try to help you with.

God Bless.

-Ryan Zeeck