Media Shout looking for files

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Sep 11, 2018
Lloyd Dooley wrote
When I open Media Shout I see it looking for a bunch of files while it waits to open. The little notices are popping up really fast, but it looks like they are old announcement images from a year or more ago. I could not find where they were in the script anywhere, so I went into the script settings and set it to not open a default script but it still is searching for those files. I looked in "Script Properties" and "Missing Media" after it opened but nothing is in there. Any idea what would be pointing MS to look for these files and how I can stop it? I'm using Version
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Sep 11, 2018
Ben Wagner agent wrote
The only thing I can think of is either media applied to templates or perhaps something in the Announcements Library. If any of your templates are not displaying a BG when you are looking at the list, it could be the issue. If you then apply the template, it should tell you it is missing the media.
If it is something in the Announcement Library, replacing it with a blank one will let you know. Attached is a clean file. With MediaShout closed, go to C:\ProgramData\MediaComplete\MediaShout 6\Announcement Library. Rename the one that's there (don't delete it) and place a copy of the one I attached.