Can't get Transition: Cut to work

Dec 24, 2018
Charles Reinmuth wrote
Since the most recent update to MediaShout, the transition has defaulted to dissolve between cues. However, if I want to change it back to "Cut", it doesn't work. It dissolves like normal. I've tried setting the dissolve time to "0" which seems to cause it to go back to 3 for some reason.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Again, this is only between cues - not pages. I am able to set it to "Cut" and MediaShout saves this setting, but in practice, when you fire it - it does not cut.
11 Answers
Dec 24, 2018
Ryan Zeeck agent wrote
Hey Charles,

Shortly after updating to Build 80, we noticed that there has been a small Dissolve/Fade transition that is applied to all cue's.

Our Developers are currently working on a fix for this and we hope to have an update soon. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Please let me know if there is anything further I can try to help with.

Jan 01, 2019
Stu Jackson wrote
Thanks for the update Ryan! I thought I was missing something.
Jan 01, 2019
Stu Jackson wrote
Sorry, responded to the wrong message.
Apr 18, 2019
Jerry wrote

Can I check if this have been resolved?

- Jerry
Apr 19, 2019
Ryan Zeeck agent wrote
Hey Jerry,

Unfortunately not. We are still on Build 80 and have not yet released another update. We hope to do that very soon!

I apologize about that.

God Bless!

Aug 28 (11 months ago)
Harry Hughes wrote
Has this been fixed yet
Aug 29 (11 months ago)
Harley Petty wrote
This has been a serious problem for a long time because we use blue key backgrounds to cut between our live video feed and they are dissolving... which does not work for a blue or green screen fx.
Aug 29 (11 months ago)
Harley Petty wrote
Over 80 percent of our media shout content utilizes blue key screens.
Sep 03 (11 months ago)
MediaShout Support agent wrote
Hey Harley! I certainly hear you. With V7 out now, our developers are splitting their time, so they're doing the best they can to make certain fixes in V6 and continue to support it while also building content on V7. I have added a comment in agreement with you, directly to the development team, about this being a very significant issue to look at. Hopefully we can increase priority to it. In the meantime, I wonder if you've considered reverting to build 74 of MediaShout 6 which does not have that particular issue? You can get it here:
Sep 16 (10 months ago)
Robert Reynolds wrote
I was delayed in implementing the.80 release. After I did we noticed the same problem. today I dropped back to .73 and everything worked. I have several questions about dropping back:
1. Are the scripts I have created on .80 going to work with .73?
2. Are there any new features I should avoid?
3 Can I simple reinstall .73 over .80 or do I need to Uninstall .80 first?
4. As a small congregation, I cannot afford to upgrade to Version 7 at the moment. When will this be fixed and how long will Version 6 be supported?
Sep 17 (10 months ago)
MediaShout Support agent wrote
I would be happy to help you. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Yes, the scripts should be just fine in 74. I don't think there's really anything you'll notice different in features. We may have added a few tiny things that are in 80 that aren't in 74 but I honestly can't think of any you'd run into off the top of my head. You'd have to uninstall 80 first, to install an older build. Honestly at this point, I'm not optimistic that it will be something that is resolved in Version 6 with a new build, since development focus has shifted to V7 and resources are so limited. With the minor changes in build 80 compared to 74, it would be about the same to continue running on 74.