I cannot activate MS7 -- help!

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Jan 25, 2020
Chris Yarnall wrote
I currently use MS6 for church services, and we've recently purchased the upgrade to MS7. I'm testing MS7 at home -- so I downloaded the MS7 installer and ran the program. It opens to a blank, black screen. The activation screen is hidden, because when I cycle through the windows, the activation wizard is there, but I cannot get to it.

I've also downloaded the registry clean-up tool and it found no errors... so the black screen continues and I still have not been able to activate.


My PC meets the recommended specifics for this program (especially since I can run MS6 with no issues).

1 Answer
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Jan 27, 2020
Adam DuBose agent wrote
Hey Chris, it looks like this was taken care of over a chat with Ryan. Glad you're up and running again!