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video import issue

I have mediashout 6 for mac and when I try to import a mp4 file. It seems to work but I just have.a white rectangle where the video should be. In the control area for the video there is nothing. It is like the file is not being recognized. Is there a setting change for a codec set that I need. There aren't codecs for Mac. What appears in the Cue and in the Edit Window will be whatever the first frame of the video is. Does it play?

Mac 6 Update?

While I feel the Mac 6 version is more stable and easier to use than the Windows version, it has been a very long time since there has been any type of update to the program. When can we see an update to allow use under Catalina (which I have held back on updating to) and how long before Version 7? Seems like the Mac people are always left behind - why? Hey Bruce! Thanks for your attention on this. Both the Windows and Mac versions of MediaShout 6 were on Build 80, until we had to issue the rece...

How to blank (fade)

Hey I currently use the blank button to fade out after using a scripture. When I push the button, it doesn't work like the older versions. I also need to change the blank SCREEN SIZE. HELP? I'm sorry you're having trouble! What version are you using? 6. Version 4.5 worked well for blacking out the screens. Version 6 seems to black out in 4:3 screen size and then fades everything else out to black. It sounds like the "Blank" button is using a 4:3 black JPG that needs to be stretched to fi...

Power Point with Media Shout MAC

I'm running Media Shout 6 with Power Point 365. How do I save the power Point presentations to work in Media Shout? Thanks for the question! The best option would be to export from PPT as JPGs, then bring those JPGs into MediaShout.

Install other bible versions

Hi, I´m using MediaShout 6 on Mac. we use different Biblelanguages, as we are a Spanish speaking baptist Church with German speaking visitors. After some months we noticed, that the German bibleversion a very old versión is. We need a newer versión. How can I install it? thank you All of the Public Domain bibles and all of the bibles we have contracted with are available on all of our licenses except the single-activation license, which has access to only the Public Domain bibles. If you have f...

macOS Catalina?

Has anyone tried macOS Catalina with Media Shout 6? Yes, our Mac was upgraded to Catalina...biggest issue is that you cannot create new presentations that I have found. Basically, the "Save As" stops working. It looks like it works, but it never creates a file. A workaround is that you can copy an existing presentation and rename it and then open it MediaShout 6.x Hey Zedd, We have done little testing with Catalina but what we have found is that there is an issue with saving a script. The w...

Bible in Arabic

Is there a plan to get an Arabic version of the Bible for Mediashout 6 for Mac? It would be tremendously helpful. Or is there some way to get an existing copy of the Arabic Bible into Mediashout? Thanks Hi Jonathan. I apologize but at the moment we don't have access to an Arabic version of the Bible, and I'm not entirely sure we'll be able to get one for Version 6 at this point. If anything changes we will keep our users posted and let them know. I apologize in advance if this causes any incon...

.m4v video file

I am trying to insert a .m4v video file into the script. I click on insert elements then select media but then I can not chose any m4v file. I can only select a mov, and mp4 file. (That is the only other video file types I have on computer). Am I doing something wrong or does a setting need to be changed? Hey Daniel, In this situation, I normally just convert that file over to an .mp4 video. Then, I usually have no problem at all bringing it into MediaShout. You should just be able to rename ...

Imac Needed

We have Medashout 6 and need to update out mac to be able to use the program. We have a limited budget so was wondering what would be the most suitable refurbished mac to purchase?

Monitor Type

We have a Mac-Mini and need a monitor. What size and configuration would be the best to purchase? Thanks I would be happy to help you. Keep in mind the Mac Mini is not recommended for running presentations on MediaShout as they typically do not have dedicated video cards (one of the minimum requirements). With the right optimization they may do okay for some functions, but just wanted to make sure that was noted if it hasn't been already. For the question regarding the monitor, that would have...

projector screen issues

I am having an issue with what is on my computer screen not matching what comes out onto my projector screen. I have to squeeze things together so it will fit right on my projector screen.
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Advance Cue After Video Plays

I've got a video placed in my script. It plays automatically but after playing it just stops...what do I do to get it to automatically advance to the next cue after the video plays? -Sharmyn

overlay mode

nothing is displayed while in overlay mode Hi, I apologize for the issues that you ran into this past weekend. Do you normally use MediaShout in Overlay Mode? Or, do you usually put it in 2 Display mode to begin the presentation and go from there? After you have gotten into Overlay mode, can you try hitting the space bar to see if that works? Let me know. Thanks, -Ryan Good morning Ryan, We are beginning the process of moving from Windows to Mac. I like to use the overlay mode to see how...

Playlist Control

Is there a way to do a script control for STOPPING a playlist? Sound control cue not working to stop playlist Jeremy, Thank you for your question! It wouldn't be a Script Control that would "stop" the playlist, but instead a Sound Control. This Sound Control needs to be setup to "Stop All Sounds". It also cannot be directly above or below a Script Control/Sound Control (if so, insert a Blank Cue in between these and have it Auto Advance at 0 seconds). Also, please make sure that you also have a...

Transitions on Bible Verses

How can I set a transition on multiple slides of a bible verse? No problem on the very first slide, but the following slides do the default 'cut' transition and I would like all the slides to 'dissolve'. On the first page you are actually transitioning IN the Cue. The transition for the rest of the cue will actually be the Out and In transitions of the Text. On the first page, select the text box in the edit window. In the toolbar select the 'fx' tool and set the in and out transitions as d...


Created this presentation on my home computer, Packed it, then loaded it on the portable HD and downloaded on the church's computer. As you see in the attached pict, orange triangles on all the cues. I was able to 'repaginate' Slide #1, but thought there must be an easier way than having to do this for each single cue. This is my first experience working from home and 'packing' it to church. Something in the settings so that the home computer plays nicely with the church computer? Larry Go ...

Main Template

What steps/options would I follow to increase my choices of backgrounds for text and bible verses? Larry Larry, We have put together an article that explains how the Templates within MediaShout 6 work and also how to create new ones. Below is the link to that article. If you have any further questions, or if you need additional assistance, please call our Support Line. Thanks, Ryan Zeeck

Oops...Announcement Loop

Meant to post this to the Mac side (new to the forum)....Is it possible to embed a music sound track that plays in the background during the announcement loop? Hi Larry, You can either attach the Audio file to one of the Cue's and allow it to play through successfully. Or, you can use the Audio Playlist option (under the Advanced tab) to create a Playlist to allow to play in the background. Since this can be one of the more difficult things to setup, give me a call I would be happy to walk you...

.pdf file

Does a .pdf file need to be converted to a .jpg file to be inserted into a cue? Larry Larry, Yes, that would be the best option as .pdf's are not supported. Below is a link to our Supported File Types in MediaShout. I hope this helps! Thanks and God Bless, Ryan Zeeck Thank you Ryan...very helpful link that you sent. Happy Holidays! Larry Larry, You're welcome! Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! God Bless, ...

Exporting Audio Playlists

Can I create different libraries of music in the Playlist of Media Shout at home and then transfer those music libraries/files to the church's Media Shout? Larry, Unfortunately, Audio Playlists cannot be transferred because they only contain references to where the media is stored. They do not contain the media files themselves. What you will need to do is transfer the media files to the church computer and create the playlists on the church computer. Hope this helps. Thank you probl...