MediaShout 5 sometimes comes up with layout corrupted so bad the screens are blank

Mar 03, 2018
R Nelson wrote
This happens once in a while and affects all the monitors. By re-powering the PC and doing various tricks I can get the man GUI and do View->Workspace->Restore Standard Layout". This fixes everything and implies the layout had gotten corrupted. My question is "How can I start MediaShout with a default view or with the default layout. Can I do this via an argument passed to MediaShout from a shortcut startup? Or is this stored in a configuration file that I can edit to fix? If a config file then where is it located. Is it in the registry? If yes then what is the key name and values. Perhaps it is in the "saved" MedisShout file?

Thanks for any help.
R Nelson
3 Answers
Mar 03, 2018
R Nelson wrote
I received an email that Ryan Zeeck responded to my question but I cannot find the response.
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Mar 05, 2018
Ryan Zeeck agent wrote
Did you receive my latest response? I sent it again, but here it is:

The article below would reset the programs layout back to default as well. This option is normally only used if you can't open the program or if Restore Standard Layout doesn't work.

I hope this helps.

Ryan Zeeck
Mar 06, 2018
R Nelson wrote
Thanks Ryan,
Good article. I will try these solutions (simple to hardest) the next time it happens.
Thanks again.