multiple backgrounds within a cue

Oct 08 (6 months ago)
Janith Mason wrote
I used to make use of multiple backgrounds within a cue, for example, I would layer and turn on or off difference backgrounds during the Great prayer of Thanksgiving - I would have one background for the text, and another when congregation was idle. This was all saved in one cue (and It really should stay that way). Or another example would be a differenct background for each verse. I find no way to accomplish this in MS7. Much needed.
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Oct 08 (6 months ago)
Ben Wagner agent wrote
Hey Janith!

I hope you're doing well today, and thanks for reaching out.

I definitely see where you're coming from with this. As of right now, you can insert multiple pictures and videos on a cue. Rather than setting it as a background, if you create a cue, and then go to "Insert" at the top of the program, you should then see "Insert Media". If you click on this it will allow you to choose a picture or video that you can put on that slide. If you repeat this process, you'll have more on one cue! Just continue to add pages, and media, as needed and that should get you taken care of! :) Let me know if you have any questions about this!

-Ben Wagner, Customer Service, and Support Representative