Multiple slides with text on stage screen only

Dec 04, 2018
Darcie Olsen wrote
I need to put text on the stage screen for multiple slides for the kids Christmas program.
when I want it on the main screens, I "insert text" and copy and paste it in, then I tweek it.
Is there a simple way to do that only on the stage screen?
4 Answers
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Dec 05, 2018
MediaShout Support agent wrote
I would be happy to help you. Insert your text the same as normal via insert text, but once you get the cue built, then click into the text box on the main side, and go to the FX button in the ribbon bar, and take the opacity down to "1" instead of "100." This will make it invisible on the main screen, but will still show on the stage screen. Plus you can even put a graphic or video as the background, so there's at least an image on the front screen while the folks see the text on the stage screen. You'll just want to do any editing of the text as far as page breaks, splitting, etc, on the main side still, and the stage screen will follow suit. It may show the text as being invisible, but if you click your cursor in where the text box should be, you'll see it populate with the "invisible" text for editing.
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Dec 28, 2018
Bruce Shrock wrote
Per David's suggestion, I am using the opacity = 1 so text only shows on the stage display. However, the first cue of a multi-page set still shows the text on the main display. What am I doing wrong?
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Jan 02, 2019
MediaShout Support agent wrote
It is possible you just need to go to one of the pages that the text IS invisible, click into the text box, and click Apply to Cue to ensure that "1" value is applied to all pages. But if that doesn't work, it probably means that text box on page 1 is not connected to the rest of the text for instance. That means it is its own text box separate from the other. So you can just click into the text on page 1, and do the FX button to apply the "1" value to it as well. Let us know if you need more help.
Jan 19, 2019
Lyle Melick wrote
I take a different approach, but I'll have to try David's method sometime soon. I'll set up a stage template stage template with "Mirror Main" unchecked (in the stage options box), and set the drop down right under it to "Custom Text". Then I can manage what's on the mains separate from what's on the stage. If the stage runs several slides and I want the mains to have the same text or image for all the slide, I just copy and paste the slide, then edit the text on the stage.