Use txt files to import lyrics

Sep 26, 2017
Paul Tyzzer wrote
How do you use txt files to import song lyrics including all the verse, chorus, bridge or endings and copyright information correctly.
Does the txt file have to be formatted with square bracketed sections?
When I've imported a txt file it goes in as one continuous verse and cannot be separated in the various parts.

Thanks wonderful people.
2 Answers
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Sep 26, 2017
Ryan Zeeck agent wrote

In order to be able to import .txt files successfully, you must have them setup in the exact format that MediaShout requires. I have attached the Nothing but the Blood.txt file that shows you an exported song. Each song must be setup in this exact format. If so, it will import in the correct stanza's and play order.

Here is a link to our User Guide that further explains this:

I hope this is helpful!


Ryan Zeeck

Sep 27, 2017
Paul Tyzzer wrote
Hi Ryan,
Thanks for the 'how to' and the attached example.