Is Bible Verse "on-the-fly" change available in MS7?

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Dec 12, 2019
David Roy Slentz wrote
When I preach and teach, I have truly loved and appreciated the option of being able to display additional Scripture References that were not part of the prepared presentation in MediaShout. It is a great time saver.
In MS6, we were able to edit the Bible Reference within the Cue just by typing the new reference in a space at the top bar of the screen. This made switching to a totally different verse (different book, chapter, etc.) on-the-fly very fast. The Media Crew at our church have been able to bring up additional Bible verses for me almost instantly.
Is this option missing in MS7? Is inserting a new Bible Cue the only way to display another Scripture reference? If so, then this means we would need not only need to drop a new Cue, but we would now need to reapply the Presets (to all three areas of the Dual Bible Display), and then reapply the Background, and finally, fire the new cue. This would make displaying Scriptures "on-the-fly" basically impossible. Surely, this is not the way it is supposed to work, is it?

When we insert a Bible Text, we set it up as Dual Bible (Spanish/English church). Is there any way to go back and change this Bible Cue to Horizontal or Vertical? Or do we just have to start over again with inserting a new Bible Cue?

Also... the Presets only work on one layer of the Cue at a time. So we have to apply the Preset to Three Areas.. Are Templates available yet? Will they make this process any easier? Could there be an option for "Default" set up for Bible and Lyrics in order to avoid applying the formatting over and over again?
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Dec 13, 2019
Ben Wagner agent wrote
Hey David,

I should be able to help answer some of these questions!

Currently, the only thing we do have is just the "Insert Bible option". We do have plans to add what you're mentioning as far as changing them on the fly, but at the moment the only thing we have is that Insert option...

As far as the Dual Bible option yes, you can rearrange if you'd like it to be vertical or horizontal. Directly below the "select chapter" drop down, you can select it to be "Dual Bible" directly beneath that you'll see where it says "Dual Orientation" and can choose which you'd like from there. To change that after inserting it, you could either use some of the position formatting directly above the editor for each individual bible, or just go back to the insert option as well.

To answer your final question, Templates are what you're looking for to do everything all at once, but they aren't quite available yet, no. That is also on the list to add and should be available soon!

I hope this helps! God bless.