Transitions Broken?

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Nov 07 (5 months ago)
Mark Myers wrote
Since we updated to 7.3, we can not do any transitions but a cut. Anyone else experiencing this behavior?
3 Answers
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Nov 09 (5 months ago)
Ben Wagner agent wrote
Hey Mark!

I just replied to your private message as well, but I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing this... I haven't heard of this before. Can you walk me through your steps in adding transitions and can you tell me what types of slides you're applying them to?

Thanks so much and God bless,

Ben Wagner
Nov 21 (5 months ago)
Dick Scott wrote
I am having the same issue. The transition is set correctly but just does not do anything. The cue just ends.
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Nov 23 (4 months ago)
Ben Wagner agent wrote
Hey Dick! Feel free to email me at but I believe Mark and I figured out the issue was that the "duration" was set to 0.3 seconds rather than, 3.0 seconds. Try seeing if that's the case for you as well. If you still run into issues after that, shoot us an email! :)