Auto advance cue after video complete

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Nov 13, 2019
Steven M Taylor wrote
Hi - in previous versions of MediaShout, there was an option to advance to the next (or any cue you chose) at the end of BG. Essentially, what that did was to advance from one cue to the next after a video finished on one slide. Our application is this: we have 8 videos that we want to play one after the other for a musical we're doing. I can't seem to figure how to advance those automatically without entering the exact min:sec into the scenario plug-in. Has anyone found a way to advance to the next cue at the end of a video?
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Nov 14, 2019
Adam DuBose agent wrote
The way you are doing it is the current work-around for not having the EoV setting. The End of Media setting will be coming soon in a new build.
Dec 02, 2019
Jim Storms wrote
I was told you have to do the advance by putting in the run time of a background as the advance time. I also found this a HUGE step backwards. I know they wanted to put out a new version but not having the most used options of the previous version available hurts current users. In my case I still am not using version 7 even though I purchased it quite a while ago.
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Dec 04, 2019
Ryan Zeeck agent wrote
Hey Jim,

I hear you. We had to make a decision.. We decided that this program is a good program and will help out a TON of Churches with the way it is, currently. We also understand that there are other Church's (like yours) that needs other things. For those Church's, it may not be ready just yet. I apologize about that. We try to offer the 30 day Free Trial to allow the customer to download and use the program for a full month before purchasing to make sure it has what they need and that it works well on their system and things.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience I'm sure this has caused.