Remote connection problems

Sep 30, 2018
Matt Bertrand wrote
how do i connect a android device via remote, im having trouble connecting. when i pull up my app on the device it's not showing any available computers.
5 Answers
Oct 01, 2018
Adam DuBose agent wrote
The device and the computer must be on the exact same WiFi network together in order to communicate. Once they are, the device should see the computer and control it.
Jun 27 (48 days ago)
Robyn Woods wrote
Hi Adam. My mobile devices are connected to the same network. We have 2 PCs connected to a router which is then connect to our modem which controls our internet access. I have connected to this router on both my iPhone and iPad and computer is not found. I have also tried directly to our modem but still not found. We are currently running Media Shout. Do I have to connect before we run Media Shout program? Thanks again
Jun 29 (46 days ago)
Adam DuBose agent wrote
No, just launch MediaShout 6 with the Remote App settings all correct and that will allow the app to find the computer. The article on Settings is here:
Jun 29 (46 days ago)
Robyn Woods wrote
Hi Adam - Thank you. I have just read the article. I am using Media Shout 7. Will it still work?
Jul 02 (43 days ago)
Ben Wagner agent wrote
Hey Robyn,

Sorry for the delayed response as Adam is out of town this week.

That being said, unfortunately, the Remote App is not available for MediaShout 7 quite yet. Physical clickers and remotes should work, and we do have plans to add an app soon! Sorry for the inconvenience!

I hope this helps to clarify!

-Ben Wagner