May 06, 2019
Peter Stetson wrote
We have Medashout 6 and need to update out mac to be able to use the program. We have a limited budget so was wondering what would be the most suitable refurbished mac to purchase?
2 Answers
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May 06, 2019
Adam DuBose agent wrote
Whatever Mac you choose should fit the following specs in order to successfully run MediaShout:

System Requirements for MediaShout 6 for Mac:

OS 10.9 or later
2.5 GHz or higher processor
4 GB of RAM
Nvidia or AMD Video Card with 512 MB of dedicated Video RAM
650 MB of hard drive space

*We do NOT recommend the following for presentation (may work for building presentations):
1) Standard MacBook (any version)
2) MacBook Air (any version)
3) Mac Mini with Integrated Intel Video Cards
4) MacBook Pro with Integrated Intel Video Cards
5) iMac with Integrated Intel Video Cards
May 07, 2019
Peter Stetson wrote
Thanks Adam