What is the recommended, reliable way, to "play this page now"? Ditto for "play this cue now"?

Feb 23, 2018
Matt Wolenetz wrote
While evaluating whether or not to proceed with upgrading from MediaShout 5 to 6, I found problems in 6:

Even with the default intro MediaShout 6 script, sometimes "space bar" or double-clicking on a page did *not* advance or show that page. I found this especially happening just after making an edit, or even just selecting an object in the inline editor. What's the recommended way to "play this page, no matter what"?

I hadn't touched any of the "skip this page/cue" options in any of the edits. Just selected something like a text box in one page, then tried to play another page in the same cue. Sometimes it worked, but many times it didn't. This would be very problematic if it happened during a live service, when edits of content in realtime sometimes must happen.

In MediaShout 5, we never double-clicked (mostly because auto-advance realtime playback such as a timed advance along with auto-scroll could move what you're trying to double-click on and play the wrong thing). Instead, we found reliability in turning off auto-scroll during auto-advance portions of the script, and using the "play" triangle associated with the cue to immediately start playing that cue, when not advancing linearly. When advancing linearly through the script, manually, we'd just use space bar. What's the equivalent, and reliable, recommendation for MediaShout 6?
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Feb 23, 2018
Jonathan Martin agent wrote
Hi Matt,

If you have the inline editor selected, MediaShout 6 will not advance to the next page by pressing the space bar. This is because it thinks you are still making an edit, and want to add an actual space to the page.

To advance to the next page, you will want to double click the next page in the pages area, or click the page and press the play button.