fonts stuck at size 24

Aug 28, 2017
Brady Watson wrote
I can't change the size of my fonts from 24.....anyone got any ideas? Mainly trying to use Bebas
1 Answer
Aug 28, 2017
Ryan Zeeck agent wrote
Hey Brady,<br /> <br /> You are using MediaShout 5, right?<br /> <br /> This is something that we have seen before. Anytime this happens, it is directly related to the Font Style. Since this is a Windows issue, and not a MediaShout issue, there are only a few things that we can suggest:<br /> <br /> 1. Check your default printer. Try setting the Default to Microsoft XPS to see if that helps with this issue.<br /> 2. Also, check your Cue Setup settings (Tools &gt; Settings &gt; Cue Setup) to make sure they match on both computer with MediaShout on them. <br /> 3. Try copying the Font file from the one computer to the other to see if the Font file has possible gotten corrupted.<br /> <br /> Let me know the results of the above suggestions. I would love to get this working properly for you!<br /> <br /> Thanks and God Bless,<br /> <br /> Ryan Zeeck