Backgrounds Disappearing




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    David Crump

    This just started happening to us with the previous build (44, I believe) and is still happening in build 51.  We have not tried the solution mentioned above.  I will check that out.

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    Henry Wikkerink

    Hello  Has there been any further solution of this problem? Out techs are getting frustrated that backgrounds keep disappearing

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    I have this problem when playing a lyric. If we have 5 songs, the first will work fine. When we play the 2nd, the background will be black. We have to close out and reopen MediaShout to play that song. This will happen with the rest of the songs in the queue. These instructions don't help with that issue, and the help desk wasn't able to help either. The suggestion there was to change the theme to the dark theme, which didn't work. We are getting frustrated. I check for a new build every service, hoping something will update. 

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    Brenda Heard

    We have this problem when playing a lyric, between pages. It seems to happen on the page we have moved previously. Sunday every background on the pages section was fine, but when they fired they were black. There isn't really time when playing the song to use the workaround. Excited for a solution to this!

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